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  1. Customizing an item: €5 (Allowing 1 free displayID, name, and description change upon purchase) Customizing your whole gear set (Includes rings, trinkets, necklace, back): €30 (Allowing 1/slot free displayID, name, and description change upon purchase) After customization, the fee will not be needed for any stat adding in the future. When recustomizing or adding $5 or more of stats per item: changing the name, displayID, and description is included. Primary Stats (Strength, Agility, Intellect): €1 = 600 Secondary Stats (Stamina, Spell Power, Attack Power): €1 = 1200 Off Stats (Resilience, Resistance, Mastery, Spell Penetration): €1 = 100 Damage: €1 = 450 Haste: €1 = 120 Stat Swap [IMPORTANT: Only custom added stats can be swapped, stats that the armor came with can not be swapped]: €10 per stat Each additional stat swap of the same stat type: €2 Transfer (Allows you to change the weapon type, such as dagger to mace, of any custom weapons you have for free): €10 Transfer & 2x Stat Swaps: €20 - Stat swaps expire after 24 hours of purchase, you can not save a stat swap for a future occurrence. Faction Change: €7.00 Race Change: €5.00 Character Re-customization: €3.00 Full Talents: €50 Titan's Grip: €50 Meta Gem Socket: €5 Gem Socket (blue, red, yellow): €1 Adding a visual spell (A spell that only effects you visually): €10 Making a weapon 1 Handed/2 Handed: €10 Changing Weapon Speed (Anywhere from 1.00 - 3.00): €10 Changing Weapon Speed (To 4.00): €20 Changing Weapon Speed (To 5.00): €30 Extra VIP7 Weapons One Hand: €30 Two Hand: €60
  2. eRyan

    Rage Inc.

    during the second half* his legs almost put the nail in the coffin earlier in the 2nd quarter.
  3. Update 6/2/2017 Full Talent Points have been re-enabled as a purchase from the store. Transferring Full Talent Points should be available within the next few days. also looking for ideas for new color combinations for the Change Log, PM me :P
  4. eRyan

    Rage Inc.

    But can we talk about Edelman? Let's be real that catch was beyond insane.
  5. Full Talents are currently not available for purchase, or transfer. Anyone who previously had FTP will still have them, though. Once we've figured out a work-around to get them working again, we'll re-enable the shop option. I'll keep you updated :)
  6. Just so everyone is aware, anything website based (Voting, donations, etc) will not be working on Eternian for now, as the 4.0.6 core does not support the Email system the website is based on. The current plan for Eternian is to release some new content (Dungeons, World Bosses, etc) on the 4.0.6 core, and slowly start transitioning into the newer 4.3.4 core. If you have any suggestions for new additions to Eternian, please feel free to send me a message, or add me on Skype: Vynlendus :)
  7. Eli quit around a year before Project Fire was even released. I've basically been shut out, haven't even been able to look at a simple admin ticket for the past 7 months. Sean quit because he wasn't getting paid for all his hard work (sounds greedy, but trust me, he did a lot, and he deserved it). Literally nothing we can do to help anyone, so not sure what we should say. Happy New Years I guess :)
  8. Hey, first off I really appreciate the ideas! Here's my input, VIP Dungeons are something we've always wanted to make, but it wasn't quite our highest priority. We're currently working on projects that are going to be something that both VIPs and Non-VIPs can enjoy. But, once we're done with that, I'll see what we can do about a VIP Dungeon. :) World Bosses are a great idea, and we've been thinking of ways to spice up world bosses, and any ideas towards how we can improve them are greatly appreciated. We'll write up some ideas for a new world boss and ask some players about it, get everyone's opinion. Feel free to PM me some ideas in the meantime! As for weapon quests, that's something we could for sure do, but we'd need to make a balance of should I use the Frozen weapons, or should I use the quest weapons? Something we plan on doing with Arcatraz/Ice Warden gear too, making it so there's positives and negatives for each set, making it a decision based on whatever you're doing. As for the staves having weapon damage, that's not us particularly adding damage to the staff. We give each item and item level, something you might all know from retail, to show if it's an end-game item, or if it's just a random easy to obtain item. When giving a weapon an item level, there's an automatic scaling system that gives it damage. Say for example you make a 1 speed weapon with an item level of 1000, it will automatically have 181k weapon damage. Something we can override in the system, but it won't actually show in-game. But, back to the point, we're working on balancing casters so that they're not completely useless in PvE, but at the same time so they can't just run around and one-shot you in PvP. Something that'll for sure take some time. Hey, again thank you so much for the ideas, it really means a lot to me! Here's my input. Incentives to keep players logging in is something we've thought about multiple times, but after looking into it, we still have quite a few active accounts, the thing is they log in, and log out within about 10 minutes due to lack of content. So, we need things to keep people in-game. We're thinking about adding daily quests they can complete, and then that quest will give them an item with a 24 hour duration, so that they can have a cool item for a whole day, but we'd need some ideas on what those items could be. Feel free to PM me some! The way we've been handling bans lately can for sure be something we work on. But, a lot of the permanent bans we've handed out lately are for things such as fly-hacking, or advertising other servers. Something we don't quite want around at all. We've even been discussing allowing those bans to not be permanent, so players can learn from their mistakes and move on. Recently we tried that, and the player immediately logged back in on another account and started at it again. Hasn't quite been working out for us. I see where you're coming from, it's killing our population, but the players aren't really wanting to stay around in the first place. :( As for voting, we were thinking of the daily incentive we talked about also requiring voting, but giving a really big reward. Again, something that'll take some trial and error, but I'll try to get on the top of our list. Magic Gold... Oh so much Magic Gold... Sean and I recently talked about changing the magic gold up, making it have a real meaning so that we have a currency we can use on Eternian. It's something we do plan on doing (and wiping all current magic gold, whether it be the item or the currency). But, we're going to do it once we've finished revamping all of the instances. 100% something that'll be done soon. :D With non-VIP gear, and even VIP gear, people are indeed capping on haste waaay to easily. Sean and I have talked about this so many times I can't even count it. We plan on revamping all of the gear once we revamp the instances. Eternian is getting a lot of revamps, but it'll take a while seeing as our staff team is quite small, and our population is even smaller. Starter quests, daily quests, even just random quests. All things I really want to add so that players have a reason to go back into instances even after they've obtained their Ice Warden sets, and to give more ways to gather mats to upgrade your gear. Really good idea. :) Thank you all so much for your ideas, it means a lot to me. Seeing that the players want to keep the server alive just as I do. Feel free to PM me any ideas you have, most of you guys even have my Skype (If you don't, it's really hard to guess. Kappa), feel free to message me there too. :D Sorry for the long post, and if I missed anything I'll reply to it as soon as I get a chance.
  9. Merry Christmas, Clucks!
  10. We ran into a few difficulties, and then ended up dropping our focus on it to focus on bigger projects. There's only really 1 big project going on, and I'm sure you can guess what it is. We do still intend to add the shop once we get things sorted, but no ETA.
  11. I'll be handling this ticket from here on out in a private message.
  12. I've summoned Beefstorm to the Gurubashi arena. If this doesn't work, I'll take a look at the character and see what could be wrong. Keep me updated.
  13. Work has been rather slow for Eternian lately, as most of our staff is either out of town or their power is out. We're working on increasing the rate at which we create content, though. I'll see if I can get the vendors finished. I'm not sure the current progress. Edit: So, the revamps we're doing are taking a lot longer than expected. I'm touching up a few things in the vendor, and they should be re-enabled in about an hour or two. :) Edit2: Fixed. :)
  14. I'll take a look into tuning spells a bit more soon. If you have any other spells that are an issue, please feel free to send me a private message in the following format Spell: Example Spell Issue: High or Low damage? Suggestion: Increase Damage by ~10% For those who are curious, ~ means approx. Please do note, some spells are currently not capable of being scaled. Sadly, a lot of druid spells cannot be scaled, and some bleed or % effects cannot be scaled.
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