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    It's at the very bottom of the site, next to facebook and twitter symbol.
  2. The server was completely revamped quite some time ago. Everyone's characters were erased and everyone had to start out completely new. All old characters can not be recovered. If you had any donation items, you will have a refund and account credit to use. You can reset your password if you have access to the old email. If you still have problems with reviving your account, use the "contact admin" forum to make an admin ticket and they can help you with your account.
  3. They are up and working fine. Make sure you are using your email to log into the game. I recommend using your launcher also to start the game for any updates.
  4. Didn't miss anything. The login server has been acting up recently. Admins are aware. It usually resolves after a while. I try back every 15 min or so. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Once you are in game, there are no issues with that server.
  5. I didn't do anything, but I am glad your issue is resolved. I wasn't trying to be a smart with you about your email. I was just trying to make sure you were using the email that was tied to your game account. Many people used alternate email addresses and/or forgot the account email. It happens all the time so I have to ask.
  6. First thing to try is use the account email as your username to login.
  7. Remember the invasion orders are in your back if you skip. That allows you to go on to the first dungeon.
  8. I have been able to log in just fine now. I just logged in. I am not sure what your problem is but it sounds like your game is somehow corrupt. Also try deleting cache folder.
  9. Login server crashed. Its fixed now.
  10. I see both opinions, and they make sense. Here is my opinion about the content. You guys are correct that this content and similar content is readily available. Its also hard, if not impossible, to compete content-wise to private servers that have higher expansion levels. But there is a problem with making a totally custom fun server with high-end custom gear. There is a short life to that kind of server that is sort of like a bottle rocket. It is super fun for a short time and then fizzles out. It becomes very difficult and time consuming trying to create custom content for that kind of server to keep it interesting. There is also a second problem that keeps a lot of people away from a fun server like old reaper. When you "pay to win", players that want to farm gear or don't have much money to spend end up losing a lot. There is just no fun for a player on a PvP server that gets one-shot by other rich players. I think Blizzard did a really good job out of the box creating content and keeping players occupied. Its my opinion that the best approach for a private server is to keep it simple and mostly blizz-like to utilize all of the content. If players like the server, many will pay to skip ahead or get access to content that non-vips won't have.
  11. I get the error as well. Not sure whats going on. I do know that you can open your icecoldwow folder and open the game with the Warcraft launch icon and log into the game that way. It will be the WoW launch icon that is labeled "IceCold".
  12. Have you checked to see if your account is banned? I can't check for some reason in game. I guess your account name is too long. If ban check doesn't work on the site, make an admin ticket.
  13. On the very bottom left of the launcher there are three buttons. The middle one is remove patch. If you have already done that, click the right one that says reinstall game data. Another thing to check if your realmlist to make sure its set correctly. Open your WoW folder, then go to Data-->enUS-->Realmlist. This is what it should look like. http://prntscr.com/byfgue If none of this works, you may have to completely reinstall the game with Icecold data.
  14. The system seems to be partly broken. I don't receive points for a couple of sites, openwow and extremetop. You must make sure you are clicking on the banner to register to vote from each site, but sometimes I don't get credit and I think there are some site specific issues that will have to be addressed by the admins. Also, you are correct, the vote points don't show up in game on reaper. I believe that was due to the forum/site upgrade. You still have all of the votes on your account so it will be added later in game.
  15. The reaper server is working fine. Are you able to get onto eternian? if so, delete your cache and try again. If it has been a while, you may have to reload the patch from your launcher. Lastly, make sure you are using your username to login to the game, not your email.
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