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  1. Hi all, Sale ends tonight guys just letting you know.
  2. Hello all! Store sale as been extended to the 27th. You can now purchase Eternian VIP sets 1-7 on the store at 50% off. Click here: http://www.icecold-wow.com/store/category/28-vip-sets/ Use coupon code 'NEWICE2017'.
  3. And is his realmlist this? "SET realmlist "login.icecold-wow.com" SET patchlist "localhost""
  4. Is he using a 4.0.6 WoW client? it cant be a 4.3.4.
  5. Now at €25 while on sale. Remember guys, our aim is to make Hyjal really fun. So for anyone who isn't interested in Reapers style, transferring to Hyjal is worth it.
  6. Use coupon code: 'NEWICE2017'. As you can see at the top of the website, the 50% off sale has started. This is a weekend sale, so ends 23/01/2017. Good deals? Well, now that we have made the donation goal, we have the time to create big content for the realms. Buying half price gold for Hyjal will come in handy, that realm will change a lot since it's our fun realm and gold is important to have. You can transfer your high VIP characters from Reaper to Hyjal now, half price at €25. If you prefer the fun realm max haste style, then transferring from Reaper is something to keep in mind while the sale is on. Eternians powerful weapons on the store are now at great prices. Have fun guys!
  7. Hello all, Just want to say a big thank you to the people who donated to help keep IceCold-WoW online, also if you are a player who logs in everyday, thank you as well because that means a lot. Now that we have met our donation goal, expect a lot of new and fun content added to our realms. Major advertising will also start. We truly believe if we can get a flow of new players joining us here, our population will grow nicely. Stick with us, we won't let you down. Thanks again everybody!
  8. Honestly lost for words but thank you so much. This has given us the opportunity to make all 3 realms so much better, we won't let you down.
  9. Hello all, Sale starting tomorrow on our Store for all realms. We will be adding Eternian items as well. 50% off, I will post here when it starts.
  10. Just remember to vote anyways guys, it's so important to help bring in new players.
  11. Ice-Eternian is back online!! To play it, you will need a 4.0.6 client, click into your Game Panel, read the small description at the top about setting up a password so you can log into the Eternian realm. Have fun and remember, we have a donation goal to reach by February 1st, if we can't make it IceCold-WoW and all its realms will be shutdown.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions, yes the starter quests will be made optional but when this happens, the reward for doing the quest line will be better, so up to the player. We will add a vendor with gear in the mall as the starter gear. Also some Stratholme items will be made boe, so can be traded or sold on AH. Will take time to make the realm better.
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