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    Eternian Development News

    WORK IN PROGRESS - ALL NOTES SUBJECT TO CHANGE!! Hello Eternian, We have been working on some pretty big changes over the last while, things like DoT buffs, a new mall, new stair event, some new world boss drops, but more importantly - a large rework of Non-VIP items. I am feeling pretty good about the changes, so I figured I should talk about it a bit and make our intentions as clear as possible. We are doing this because it's simply too hard to balance new content around how things are currently. It's nearly impossible to make "hard" content actually feel challenging without adding a bunch of damage reduction or making creatures take out players in one or two hits or adding some insane grind to the upgrades. Yeah the high damage output might be nice, but it's extremely unhealthy for the server in the long run if we want to continue making better content. I know some people might see this as a negative thing, I can assure everyone that's not the case. We all want what's best for the server, and I believe some major changes are required in order to achieve our long term goals. Here are some of the planned updates: Glacial upgrade reduced to just one (from 5) any old glacial items will upgrade into updated versions. Meta sockets on Glacial+ gear reduced to one per piece. Shadowsbane will likely be changed to two meta sockets. I am still figuring out what to do with that set. Stat changes to all Non-VIP sets - this includes significant reductions of Attack Power and Spell Power on items, stamina reductions, and more I'm not ready to announce just yet. Weapon speed caps - Non-VIP One handed weapon speed will be capped around 3.0, Two handed weapons will cap at 3.6, Event weapons will likely cap at 4.0 as they are special and not available all the time. I will add more to this list as we get closer to a release. Along with the item revamp I plan to rework most of Eternian's content to make up for the loss of player damage. This will include npc damage/health value reductions and changes to upgrade material drop rates and upgrade requirements, I just think the numbers are too high there, so we're going to lower a things a bit so it makes more sense. A good portion of the Ice Warden dungeons will be able to be done solo but do keep in mind things will get harder as you progress through the dungeons. There will be a new quest line for players to complete, which rewards a legendary item(weapon?) that can be upgraded through the quest. It will take you through all of the main IW dungeons. My goal is to reduce the amount of grind that goes into certain upgrades, Especially Bastion of Twilight. While also making things somewhat challenging and rewarding. None of this is final and is subject to change. Lastly, I've heard a lot of feedback on live and I'm confident this is a step in the right direction. We have a lot to do and this is just the beginning. Thank you to everyone who has stuck with us and supported the server all this time. We are hard at work trying to make Eternian great again. This will likely release in two stages - Stage 1 will release on or before January 13th and will contain the gear changes. Stage 2 will release a few days after and will contain dungeon and upgrade changes.
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    Eternian Development News

    Our main focus right now is getting the base non-vip sets to a level we're comfortable with. There won't be any changes to the vip sets right now, but we do have a VIP dungeon in the works. I'm not sure about the account bound materials. I'm hoping all of the changes we have planned will make things easier to gear alts so we don't need to make that change. We will see what happens in the future and make any changes as needed.
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    What dungeon would you wanna see for VIP?

    Hi everyone. As you guys may know our next project is gonna be a VIP dungeon for upgrading VIP gear. We would really appreciate if you took your time voting on one of the 6 dungeons you would rather see. Thanks for taking your time to vote.
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    Abracadaver D/R

    Report A Player Format Player's Name : Abracadaver Rule Broken : D/R What Happened : I killed him and ran then he called me a Pussy Screenshots : (Required) http://prntscr.com/3y10yy
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