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  1. This could be cool. I've been working more with c++ starting with this year's Halloween boss so we could probably make something like that. Event items will probably be nerfed around the time we do the Christmas event. They will be brought down to current non-event BiS levels. VIP Mall rework - Agreed. It's basically a weird mix between custom stuff and the old npcs. Faction change - I would have to talk to the owner about this one since it is a store product. Personal loot will be added to duskwood and Heights of Heaven. Those morph ids should work here. I'd like to expand our vote rewards so the more ideas the better.
  2. I will be implementing the following suggestions shortly after our Halloween event goes live: Fix VIP enchant vendor. Add Savory Deviate Delight, Orb of the Sin'dorei, Pygmy Oil, Dartol's Rod of Transformation, Gnomeregan Pride, Darkspear Pride to vote vendor. Price: 5VPs & unlimited usage. Add Faction neutral mailbox to profession mall. Other suggestions which require larger projects will be announced/released at a later date.
  3. This is something I have considered for a long time, and in the last few months I've been slowly working on a complete rebuild of eternian. I have not decided if I will go through with it or not though. I will share more on it if I get it to a good state and see how players feel about it
  4. I think all of the vendor data is still there, we just need to fix the multivendor entries so it shows up properly. I’ll try to get some of these changes out this weekend
  5. Unfortunately that is not something I am able to do.
  6. Probably. I was going to remove the zone entirely but we could use it for a Christmas event. I have plans to convert our world bosses to proper c++ scripts(excluding Ga'liger as he already uses a script) so I will look into changing the MG drop values around the time I make the scripts.
  7. I just noticed that too. Working to fix it now. EDIT: Quest problem has been fixed.
  8. Hello! Ruby Sanctum is now live. Please leave your feedback here.
  9. Ah that would be the issue then. IceCold uses an email based login system so try using your email instead of the username
  10. Hi, I went through your account and all seems good. Are you using your email to login?
  11. Neltharion(Deathwing) Changed mobs to something that fits the Deathwing theme. Added a new daily quest to kill Deathwing. Rewards are 2 IceGold Bars and 5 transmog tokens. VIP Dungeon All npcs now deal less damage and have less armour. Illustrious Zone Imported some balancing work that was left out from the last update.
  12. Hello! This is the first of many updates designed to bring Reaper back from the dead and eventually create new content for the realm. This thread will also serve as a changelog for future updates. When we started Reaper's upgrade to 4.3.4, we wanted it to stay as a "classic" realm so players could come back and experience the realm as it was before Project Fire. This was clearly not a good fit for our population at the time and things quickly died out. Eternian's development server is currently undergoing some maintenance so I saw this as a good opportunity to revisit things and attempt to bring Reaper back to life. As stated in the beginning of this post, we will be releasing several updates to achieve that. This first update is a large content balance update to fix up the current content a bit and make things better for a smaller population. Update Notes:
  13. Tent

    Worst Dungeon

    Hi, thank you for your feedback, and sorry for the late reply. I'll have one of our devs look into it.
  14. Hello Eternian, I am happy to announce the dungeon revamp has been released! Here is a basic outline of what will change: The following dungeons have been completely re-balanced: Forge of Souls Dragonmaw Hold Halls of Origination Shadowfang Keep Halls of Lightning Stratholme Hellfire Ramparts Stonecore Blackfathom Deeps The Botanica Icecrown Citadel Bastion of Twilight Grim Batol Some gear changes have also been made: Ice Warden and Glacial sets now show current and total upgrades. As mentioned in a previous announcement, Ice Warden 6+ is no longer obtainable. Players will be able to upgrade their old IW gear into Glacial with no requirement cost. Frozen Weapon upgrades have been replaced with the Bastion of Twilight weapons in the same fashion. Glacial upgrades now start in Stratholme. This is to spread out the Bastion of Twilight upgrades and help players get started faster. Upgrade requirements for Ice Warden and Glacial sets updated. Upgrade requirements for IW weapons updated. Proper upgrades for wands added. Fixed some stat errors.
  15. Glad to see you're still around. We really couldn't have picked a better dungeon for it.
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