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  1. I think it would be cool to have 2 arenas. One that is restricted to have only pvp gear for people who want real pvp. And put the renown pvp vendor and the quest in the arena, The other has no restriction for the people who want to pvp with there max haste gear. Probably would be alot to do but just a suggestion!
  2. Is there anyway that vip gear can get more attack power i see non vips with more attack power then a vip 7... im vip 6 and take forever to kill world bosses
  3. I'm not a Game Master, but have you by any chance clicked Receive Purchases in Icecold Teleporter ingame?
  4. It was the internet bandwidth. Thank's I have no Addon's if you're referring to the recount addon. But thank's For the help
  5. Any clue what's going on here? I started playing icecold again yesterday on my vip 3 rogue it was working fine untill today I got on and my latency would stay at 200-400 ms. And if I get into any combat it kick's to 1000-2000 ms. It was steady 60-63ms yesterday and it was working perfectly fine. Only thing I had done is upgrade to vip 4.
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