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  5. With the current server population and on-going updates for all realms, this reward has been temporarily disabled. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  6. Malz

    Deep Wounds

    should not rest the timer invinetly and at least deal 1ns every 3 sec dmg
  7. i formated my pc i'm trying to download the game again and the launcher keeps giving me a conection error IceColdLauncher_errors.log
  8. Ah that would be the issue then. IceCold uses an email based login system so try using your email instead of the username
  9. no, i try to login with my name and password. and i already reset my password. it might be my internet connection maybe??
  10. Hi, I went through your account and all seems good. Are you using your email to login?
  11. i have not played for about 1 month and it look like my account as been closed when i try to login. can u please help? thx
  12. Neltharion(Deathwing) Changed mobs to something that fits the Deathwing theme. Added a new daily quest to kill Deathwing. Rewards are 2 IceGold Bars and 5 transmog tokens. VIP Dungeon All npcs now deal less damage and have less armour. Illustrious Zone Imported some balancing work that was left out from the last update.
  13. another dead guy checkin in
  14. Hello! This is the first of many updates designed to bring Reaper back from the dead and eventually create new content for the realm. This thread will also serve as a changelog for future updates. When we started Reaper's upgrade to 4.3.4, we wanted it to stay as a "classic" realm so players could come back and experience the realm as it was before Project Fire. This was clearly not a good fit for our population at the time and things quickly died out. Eternian's development server is currently undergoing some maintenance so I saw this as a good opportunity to revisit things and attempt to bring Reaper back to life. As stated in the beginning of this post, we will be releasing several updates to achieve that. This first update is a large content balance update to fix up the current content a bit and make things better for a smaller population. Update Notes:
  15. xuNNyy


    안녕하세요, 도움이 필요하십니까?
  16. Hey there, make sure to create a new folder and not use a already existing wow version folder. Since our loader needs special permissions. @vincjeexx
  17. When logging in I keep getting the message unable to validate game version.
  18. Please we need more players to join!
  19. servers are up and running, we had a small issue. If you want to know when we are working on something and requires restart, feel free to join our discord https://discord.gg/WERR6HSnzF
  20. Got same problem. Can't login from yessterday 14.02.2021.
  21. No. We are planning on making a new currency for everything, so MG will not be added to dungeons from now on.
  22. Add Magic Gold to mobs and bosses in the Battle for Mount Arreat, also to Gruul's Lair.
  23. All spells ingame are being worked/tweaked at some point, we are just not ready yet to release this hotfix.
  24. We don't support retail content that means we don't support achievements. Hope that clarified it all.
  25. few times ago smb said "there's no lich king in icc". then I made a party and we killed lich king, but there's no achievement. why?
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