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  4. Anthony991


    That was a long time ago :O.
  5. Tent

    Can't log in

    Hi, Eternian was down for a short time. You should be able to login now.
  6. Hi, today I died in a dungeon and since then I can not log in. The same problem happened to my friend yesterday. What should I do? create another account? Is there a button to unstuck my character from the website?
  7. Is there anyway that vip gear can get more attack power i see non vips with more attack power then a vip 7... im vip 6 and take forever to kill world bosses
  8. This feels really bad, I bought vip 7 25th of april and titans grip 28th of april and now I see that there is a 30% off coupon code like a bit over a week later, this feels really faecesty considering that I've could have saved 99 euro with the code.
  9. I was considering making a video about IceCold-WoW to recruit more players, I've talked to Admin Maddox and he thought it was a good idea but he had to run it with the other admins. Haven't really gotten an answer by private reasons and I thought I'd just go through here.
  10. Tent


    Hi, Reaper and Eternian are both haste realms. Eternian's haste cap is obtained through gear upgrades while Reaper is instant max haste. Reaper is in the process of being upgraded to 4.3 so it's not available to players just yet.
  11. Austin


    Watsup with the realm reaper being offline and is there still max haste
  12. Checking in again , this time I'll post a funny a video. Pretty sure i was the ragecano and not sure if trolling ones at some point
  13. senns55

    Realm information

    Why u hide the realm? i dont found it
  14. Peep boi😍😍😍got knife in my back &bullet in ma brain

  15. ZinisterZ


    Just a random no namer, dropped by again last time I even was on here was in 2013 jeeez.
  16. You can go here to download the IceCold Launcher.
  17. Hi there, I would really love to play on this server, more specific Eternian, but I dont have the right client and version. Is there a download of that client and version?
  18. Attached a file with around 60 pieces of transmog gear which includes the gear pieces within armor sets. The Lieutnant marshal pvp gear in the vendor is not equippable so it needs to be replaced with the replica's. The same with the grand marshal weapons πŸ™‚ Transmogs.txt
  19. So i just joined back from 2014 and cant seem to accces old characters? Is it possible to transfer these characters? If not can i get my vip 2 on the new realm? thanks in advance. Greets
  20. Hello, I'm not sure if this is a bug or intended. The two starter weapons, 1h axe [sharpened hand-axe], and 1h sword [crystalline sword] do not have matching attack power at current level 0. The Axe has 3325 attack power while the sword has 825 attack power. Once upgraded the attack power is even but the haste is 1 less on sword at frosted level 1. It's not game breaking but figured I'd pass the message along. I have not tested any further for any other stat differences.
  21. Hi everyone. As you guys may know our next project is gonna be a VIP dungeon for upgrading VIP gear. We would really appreciate if you took your time voting on one of the 6 dungeons you would rather see. Thanks for taking your time to vote.
  22. Make all dots tick with haste for example dk dots, hunter sting etc.
  23. Hi everyone. As you guys may know we are working on a new dungeon for the Eternian Realm. So we were looking to engage the players a bit by making a strawpoll. Thank you for taking your time.
  24. I like the idea of adding new and more content to keep us all busy, especially the idea of a quest chain.... and although it would take some time to put together, I think it’ll be great! Thanks for your suggestion @Nickey
  25. I got a suggestion for a dungeon. 10 bosses with strong health and damage that drops set pieces for each class , the set should have some set bonuses, the bonuses is up to you Admins to decide if it should be very OP or not. But i think that it could be fun to have 1 dungeon like that. Also a quest chain that require serious amount of hours to reach a full and very good custom armor set. Upgrade the gear like 3-5 times.
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