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  2. I would like to mention that, Tent, thank you very much for your intense amount of work. For your observance: You are an outstanding reasonable personality with a mellifluous positive thinking. This server, IceCold-WoW (also known as information processing), would not be where it is momentarily without your appropriate support and contributions. There should be a ceremony to honor your elucidate deeds. Ever heard of the legend 'Extraordinary incomes counterfeit extraordinary abilities'? "If you're petitioned to be a hero, then be a hero."
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  4. I would like to mention that, Kanefever, I watched your advised video clip. My determination is located below (in case you don't comprehend the noticeable acceleration sensor). My impression? Unamusing. Utterly unamusing. Awful, my god. Do you have nothing better in your accommodation? I once lost my turtleneck pullover. I called an inquisitor and got it back. Suddenly I'm an problematic analyst. I never slam doors because even doors have emotions. Kanefever, your flavor is infantile. I recommend to participate in an improvement process. It will metamorphose you into an innovative egotist. I studied pandectistics. My promotion is consequently worthy of credit. Final decision: Kanefevers community contribution = ludicrous, factorizable, ineffectual, of no importance and insistent. Kanefevers human echolocation = unfavourable, unreasonable, patriarchal, ichthyological and illogical. Kanefevers property value = incalculable. Kanefever is a cleanroom robot.
  5. I would like to mention that, Kanefever, please stop reawakening old irrelevant topics. I, on the other hand, have all the privileges to do so. This is going to be your first inconsiderate premonition. You're to blame. If only you weren't so excessively insane in the first place, you could've saved yourself a lot of trouble. Next time I'm going to report you. Then you get your merited retribution.
  6. Beat


    I would like to mention that, Jansen, 'Ice-Reaper' has been republished and is therefore significant. Please try it out.
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  8. Beat

    Best Class

    I would like to mention that, fajad, thank you very much for letting me pronounce my expression of opinion on this subject. You're likely a politician. Decent or not, political correctness remains political correctness. Where do I even kick off? Well, in your dissenting opinion, 'Paladin' is the strongest playable class. In my opinion (I used to live with an unimaginable incapable amount of plotters), 'Paladin' is the most unpalatable class. Me and a few other financiers share the same opinion. I'm not alone. The loneliness has, as demonstrated in this case, lost. Rogues are elusively contributive and offer the most potentialities. They possess thoughtlessness, deadly seriousness, even invisibility. No other class possess these particularities. I precluded 'Druids' because they're not nefarious enough. Since this website clearly states that freedom of expression is permitted, please respect my accessible opinion. If you ignore my pleading, may you be prosecuted, regardless of the consequences.
  9. I would like to mention that, counterwow21, this server had its flowering season, yes, doesn't mean the server used to be huffish nonetheless. Please memorize that. You should learn how to discriminate deplorable poor significances and excellent significances. Wouldn't it be unpleasing if you fall into oblivion? Miserable enough. Be brave. And don't forget to eat your spinach.
  10. I would like to mention that, does the potentiality insist, that the virtual server is not performing proficiently? My own multivariate data analysis points out, that something is nonfactual with the junction line, but to be honest, I'm not unambiguously sure. At first I thought the occasion is due to the database queries not being punctiliously disentangled. I have multiple analysis samples on my scorecard. If necessary, I will share. But only if intrinsically necessary. Could someone support me here? Help me solve my problematical issue? That would be truly appropriate. Unfortunately, I do not have the influence to work this out on my own. Just like anyone else, I would like to get back into promiscuousness.
  11. I would like to mention that, trenjen67, your comment concerning my behavior made me believe that you are mighty perfidious. I don't acquiesce contentions but I don't endure letting someone get on my nerves and swipe me. Your denomination is most certainly incredulously untenable, so irrecognizable that you theoretically can't sense any form of synchronous data collection. I am who I am. You know what? I bet you're the type of dude that attempts to suck on cable ducts because you believe cable capacitance is uncontested and wouldn't shatter once it comes in relation to water pressure. I studied trial balances, since then I memorized alot. Comeon, enunciate yourself, incase you have something crude to say. I'm quintessentially going to advocate myself from folks like you. If you mix a dice shaker with particle fluence, you obtain nothing exceptional. If you mix particle fluence with absentmindedness, what do you get? A full grown red breasted nuthatch.
  12. I would like to mention that, as of recently, the new rediscovered quantum entanglement is becoming more and more countrified, which signifies that we( or the human anatomy), will run out of natural cautiousness. No advancement if you ask me. Our progressiveness increasingly unregardedly worsened over the last years. It is in actual fact impossible, but many research departments are sceptical regarding the deterioration. Homework denigrates itself at its best. Hurray. How many procedural violations, wiring instructions, scissors lifting systems and structural engineers do we have to immolate to get the result we require? I bet nobody has the knowledge to answer this interrogation, but I bet most know how to uncover directional couplers. Do I know how to use a bicycle pump? No, I most certainly don't. What about author catalogues? Do I know how to disperse them? No, I mean yeah, no, I don't. Don't tell me I'm a screwy bottom fermented jailbird, because I'm not. But if you have any occasion though, then don't squander your inimitable time. Go on. Affront me. It's pointless, as you're quite likely going to despise yourself. Ultimately, I have a question. Is it wrong for me to snuggle with a toilet brush? I mean, it's, you know, alternating, as well as quietening. I don't know why but she always reminds me of microcomputer technology. My lists of abbreviations acknowledge that. When I take a shower and I see her, I become reconstructed.
  13. Chemsoudz16

    Realm information

    Need the realm please am new here and idk how to join 😞
  14. Earlier
  15. I would love to fix it as well. However, Earthquake has some core problems which I am unable to look at myself. I will see if the owner can make a fix for it.
  16. This sounds great, does this also mean that you will be looking at shamans “Earthquake” spell? Woud love for it to work^^
  17. Looking good, especially the part where you want to fix channeled spells, would be great for casters and probably end up being a good change for other classes as well..
  18. Hello, little late with this one but here are my plans for Eternian moving forward. After some time away I have returned as a developer for Eternian, this should allow me to focus more on the content side of things... I have plans to make a third challenge dungeon, this will most likely be Tempest Keep, I have not planned out all of the details just yet so that is all I'm able to share about my next project. This is designed to be the last one, but I am open to making more if players want more of that. between major releases I will be slowly revamping old content. Starting with some world bosses and moving to IW dungeons and whatever else needs work. I hope to have content out on a fairly regular schedule, this can of course change if things get in the way, but that's the plan at least. One last thing, the reduction to DoT ticks per second didn't have the impact on casters I was hoping for, in an effort to remedy this, I will be looking at trying to fix channeled spells. I would love to hear player's thoughts on this, please feel free to provide feedback or PM me if you have any concerns. EDIT: The following channeled spells are working on the dev realm: Mind Flay, Divine Hymn, Hymn of Hope, Mind sear, Drain Soul, Drain Life, Hellfire, Rain of Fire, Blizzard, Arcane Missiles, Hurricane. They tick normally, as you would with no haste. I believe this is good as the aoe spells would be too strong if they ticked like the other spells. I will be buffing spell damage/healing to make up for this a bit.
  19. cant login aswell…. sucks
  20. mckrill

    Eternian 2.0

    will the server be back up again? i can´t logg in and it says on the website that the servers are online.
  21. will the server get back up again ?
  22. The seal would make Holy damage on opponents but it does not function at all.
  23. By the way, just in case anyone's interested. My sister-in-law Dory is selling a few 20-Inch Wheels. If anyone's interested, feel free to PM me.
  24. game keeps freezing then crashing when I try to log in on my rouge and deathknight and if I play another char it will do it to after awhile
  25. Maddox


    Flash will never leave
  26. I prefer the death knight. theyre super strong and i usually don't seem to die from monsters.
  27. Please vote on the best class in your opinion.
  28. fajad

    Best Class

    Just wanted to start a topic about classes, what class is the best on your opinion? It's paladins for me.
  29. It really was, this servers prime id say :D
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