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  2. Make all dots tick with haste for example dk dots, hunter sting etc.
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  4. Hi everyone. As you guys may know we are working on a new dungeon for the Eternian Realm. So we were looking to engage the players a bit by making a strawpoll. Thank you for taking your time.
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  6. Hello, As our newest dungeon nears completion, I would like to share some information about what exactly we have been working on the past while. We have taken Grim Batol from the Project Fire revamp and balanced it for Eternian. The reasoning behind this is Grim Batol was very well made and it would be a shame to let something like that go to waste. There's still some work left to do before it's ready for release, but you won't have to wait long, my goal is to have it ready sometime this month. I will update this post once I have the exact date. Grim Batol will be slightly different than previous dungeons, I have decided to move away from the usual upgrade system and take a different approach to how loot is handled. Trash mobs will no longer drop upgrade materials, instead each boss will have a chance to drop one armor piece, offset, or weapon. This is being made as personal loot so you will never get an item you can't equip. By doing this I hope to create an enjoyable dungeon that still requires some amount of farming. Each boss will drop a different set of items. To prevent players from abusing the new loot system and skipping most of our content, we're adding an item level requirement to the dungeon. However, some VIP sets will meet this requirement, I am considering this a high level VIP feature as we've been lacking in that department for a while. We are planning on ways to give more back to our supporters, but that's for a future update. You will need at least Glacial V to enter normal, and Flame Warden gear to enter Heroic, if this does not turn out the way we hope it will be reverted back to regular upgrades. That's it for now, I will update this with more details when we get closer to release.
  7. I like the idea of adding new and more content to keep us all busy, especially the idea of a quest chain.... and although it would take some time to put together, I think it’ll be great! Thanks for your suggestion @Nickey
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  9. I got a suggestion for a dungeon. 10 bosses with strong health and damage that drops set pieces for each class , the set should have some set bonuses, the bonuses is up to you Admins to decide if it should be very OP or not. But i think that it could be fun to have 1 dungeon like that. Also a quest chain that require serious amount of hours to reach a full and very good custom armor set. Upgrade the gear like 3-5 times.
  10. Thanks @Moonkinstar , I’ve passed this onto the admins to make a decision. Appreciate the suggestion bro.
  11. Hey, I have 2 suggestions regarding the status of the shirt/tabard that drop from WBs. 1. Remove the non-vip Tabard of Frost / Shirt of Power. Remove the <VIP> designation of the current <VIP> Tabard of Frost / <VIP> Shirt of Power. Make both drop from DW and DL. I don't see a point in gating "non-vip" items. (95% of the population is VIP/has the status, so the non-vip variant is essentially useless). Add the shirt and tabard to Alexstrasza's loot table with a 25% drop chance for each. She is is difficult enough to justify the drop. OR 2. Change the Tabard of Frost / Shirt of Power to a reagent that drops from DW / DL / Alex to upgrade to an item better than the Tormented variants. (Similar to embroidery) The Ice Warden's tabards are currently useless because the Shirt of Power / Tabard of Frost offer both spell and melee stats, have more stats than Tormented, and are easier to obtain. As you said with the weapons, they technically shouldn't drop as items from world bosses since you basically skip the whole upgrade process.
  12. Hey guys and girls! For those players still interested in seeing our server thrive once more we need you to help us out. One of our main goals right now is to ensure the communication between players and staff is as easy as can be.... and with that being said, we need you guys to give us all your suggestions which could possibly help improve your gameplay on our Eternian realm and keep you interested while slowly farming for those beautiful items you dream about every night. Our devs have mainly been working very hard lately on large updated dungeon releases which has caused a sort of content drought and it may seem like we're neglecting the main issue here but we're trying our hardest to do what we can with the little help we're receiving from you guys. So if you were once a dedicated IceCold player or an interested new player and you're eager to join in on the fun, i hope you'll check us out and bombard us with all your intelligent suggestions! Thank you. - IceCold Staff P.S - Please leave us your suggestions here: https://www.icecold-wow.com/forums/forum/27-suggestions-feedback/
  13. Welcome back mate! Good to see you.
  14. Welcome back! Hopefully we'll see you on the server more often 😃
  15. Hello everyone! Karugan the paladin here. Not sure if alot of people remember me but i was active during 2012 - 2014 but was mostly active during 2013 I managed to find the Private Server once more and found alot of old memories to say the least and just wanted to say hello to anyone that still remembers me! 😛 Just for a reminder, I used to hang around Cecilli and if im not wrong Zeuss and Tuff :3 Hope you all have a wonderful day!
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    Laden Sie unseren Launcher hier herunter und Sie sollten sich mit dem Server verbinden können. https://www.icecold-wow.com/downloads/
  17. dukien


    ich habe schon einen 4.3.4 launcher und ich finde die realm nicht kann sie mir jemand sagen?
  18. You want this baby boys hole you gotta pay the troll toll

  19. Corbeanious

    Stand up

    It'll take some time, but we'll get there.
  20. Vanquish

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    Been wishing this gets popular again
  21. Glitch

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    Yo i jus wanna ask do any one play still Finna pop on soon b mayb b looking for ogs love u all
  22. Chillin' with Mid and Pepa ! PVP time !
  23. © Chillin' with Mid and Pepa

  24. Chill time in an amusement park after some hardcore raiding.
  25. Having a party with Tent, Mila, MK and a weird bird.
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