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  5. servers are up and running, we had a small issue. If you want to know when we are working on something and requires restart, feel free to join our discord https://discord.gg/WERR6HSnzF
  6. Got same problem. Can't login from yessterday 14.02.2021.
  7. No. We are planning on making a new currency for everything, so MG will not be added to dungeons from now on.
  8. Add Magic Gold to mobs and bosses in the Battle for Mount Arreat, also to Gruul's Lair.
  9. All spells ingame are being worked/tweaked at some point, we are just not ready yet to release this hotfix.
  10. We don't support retail content that means we don't support achievements. Hope that clarified it all.
  11. few times ago smb said "there's no lich king in icc". then I made a party and we killed lich king, but there's no achievement. why?
  12. can't enchant it with darklight embroidery (+580 int proc from tailoring): the message "u can't use that there". (it is in cloak slot, but the system thinks that is not a cloak)
  13. Insect Swarm - Litteraly does 3% of my overall damage on every single fight, Maybe Buff the spell a little? I know Moonfire is where most of Druid damage comes from but even without mastery moonfire dots hit for 5x the amount of insect swarm dots, which is why it just feels super clunky to press for any type of *rotation*. Starsurge - Starsurge should be the bread and butter of Balance druids, It should and has always been the hardest hitting abilty Balance druid has had coming from older expensions. with that in mind, Starsurge hits significantly lower then a plain Starfire, which has no
  14. xuNNyy

    Hi im new

    make sure when you have downloaded our launcher you put it inside an empty folder, and not an already existing wow folder, our launcher wont work without an empty folder
  15. Have you downloaded the game from the downloads page? If so there shouldnt be a problem as the download installs everything required for you to play on Icecold-wow.
  16. Hey Planter, have you joined our Discord? If not please join and DM myself, Vanquish#7283 so i can help you fix this issue!
  17. i forget that . whene run launcher have an error (... webclient request)
  18. hi im download and use clinet but whene i whrite my usser pass the game procing stay on authentaction whatt is that problem
  19. Hello, it's being worked on, finding a way to buff rogues and fix Blade Flurry. as of now there is no ETA for the release of this "fix"
  20. I know the ability is disabled for a good reason, but shouln't this be fixed and re-added to the game? I can't remember how long its been disabled for and it just makes Rogues and solo grinding as a rogue almost impossible since we have little to zero healing, most end game thrown weapons are completely trash compared to the Event guns which won't allow us to use Fan of Knives, we have zero AoE potential and I feel like that kind of ruins the class for most people.
  21. 12/12/2020 - Christmas update is live! - New world mall added! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12/13/2020 - Strange Snowman spawn timer changed to 10 minutes! - Added missing decorations in Gurubashi Arena! - Spawned missing npcs in Deepholm Mall! - Fixed Red Christmas Present upgrade! - Fixed an issue that caused newly created characters to spawn in the wrong place! - Fixed Deepholm guard faction! - Added missing upgrade for Snowball Cannon!
  22. We're onto it, a fix will be live soon! Keep an eye out on our changelogs both here and on the Discord server. Thanks for letting us know ❤️
  23. If you cast soulburn, then SoC - corruption has not spread(
  24. - “Aesthetic Item Quartermaster” has been updated with more transmog items!
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