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  1. Please we need more players to join!
  2. well there should be a gap between VIP& Non VIP, and the admins for sure should be working on it. *Just some of my thoughts* They must probably consider the stats Donors are paying for and how much efforts it requires to be obtained in-game.. Considering : Stats like Mastery, "HASTE" etcc,.. Just an example A basic 3600 haste tabard cost 30$ and the in-game tabby [Embroidered Ice Warden's Brawling Tabard XV] which can be farmed within a week gives 14000 AP , 480 more haste, one socket as well as 7K stamina... There's also Meta sockets [Great impact on PVP/PVE] which is 1 for 5$
  3. I think that the main problem in this server is population and there should be some ways to get more players.. some suggestions could be: 1. Add a reward system for players that are most online at the end of each week/months.. The reward could be some materials(Event token,Mg,unbound energy/ stones/weapons part from dungeons) 2. I also think that there is a really big issue on the way people get banned, either permanently/temporarily. This can cause problems with the population. A ban should be the very last decision. 3. The server lacks of a vote system/currency/something that everyone c
  4. Tokens could be added when you buy a set for example : ( VIP 1& 2 = 1 race change token) (Vip 3&4 = 2 race change tokens) (vip 5-6 = 3 race change tokens) and vip 7 could be 5.. That will add more stuffs to the VIP sets.. and some fun along with it..
  5. Well I think you are somewhat right on this..I Suggest that some Fun VIP contents are added.. Even if the VIP stuffs are pretty useless atm because of OP non vip and the amount of haste you can get ingame, some Fun stuffs would be well appreciated And atleast be a "VIP"
  6. If they actually did that "mimic of eternion" the server would be much better and there would be more contents...
  7. u mean dungeons where only people with VIP status can go where the drops are higher and the dungeons harder.. that's a pretty good idea.. that will at least differentiate VIP players from normal ones... i would also suggest a rearrangement in the VIP stats as VIP 3, 5 and 7 offsets are same as VIP 2., 4 and 6 respectively and they got the same weapons... some new contents could be brought to the server by fixing those stuff...
  8. That's a very good suggestion.. i hope they take it into consideration
  9. ye and more quests should be added.. could have dailies which will make more people to connect everyday....and also some bosses which drop pretty good items too...
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