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  1. Season 10 Shaman You could add a lot more things. Go to this website to see a lot of faeces you don't have (Click)
  2. I've just noticed on my Shaman, the tmog vendor doesn't have fist weapons for shaman?
  3. The 1st one is possible to add, but the 2nd one is MoP, and you can't add MoP skins to the server, It doesn't have the patch.
  4. Yeah, I meant it to be like that, just got lazy and thought you could figure that out on your own.
  5. Then it's a custom weapon, and it was their choice. I have one like that on my pally.
  6. Suggestion Type: Frozen Weapons Trader A short description: An NPC in the general mall, or maybe the PvP area, that you could exchange one type of frozen weapon for another at the cost of MG. As the level of the weapon increases, so does the cost to exchange it. How and Who would that benefit: It would benefit the players. It would benefit them because if, say, a rogue bought a sword at the start, and upgraded it to frozen, he could exchange it for a dagger because that is what some spells on his class requires. (I know this wasn't very long, but I feel I get the point across.)
  7. Those that are lazy always find ways to do things faster.

  8. He told me over snapchat he was Bandit/ mogul
  9. Garlis



    © GARLIS

  10. There's a much easier way. Lol. I get this error all the time and all i do is delete my cache and it works. Try that Lol
  11. I have been messing around with photoshop lately and this is that i came up with :P (I know its not cropped, i got lazy.)
  12. Garlis

    Mah Mats

  13. I was telling the GMs to Unfreeze me in the arena and i got muted for 10min because they said they had a reason to freeze alot of people in the arena, i was telling them to unfreeze me so i could teleport out of that arena. i have an SS to prove the mute, Blizzard was the one that muted me when i was saying unfreeze me so i could teleport out.
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