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    young sinatra
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  3. *Watches next season's pre-season
  4. Pass the Gnomeskin fam
  5. You're a veteren player, but you ain't a gm. #1MostProneToPowerAbuse You're a good person
  6. This is 100% constructive criticism, but people won't really wanna play this realm. For one, you gotta scrap(not rlly scrap, just make it so we don't need to do it) the required beginner quests for the haste server. Most of us have already done it, and it sounds like you're not even going to be keeping it around anyways if Icecold takes off again. Second, try throwing a few vendors in there that sell decent starter gear. People love being given stuff, that's how you hook them in. I'm not saying give them the next tier even, just varieties of different, cool, and good gear so that they can do t
  7. This is a great plan all together. I thought I was gonna log on here see this place completely dead again. It's obvious now that you guys care about icecold just as much as the player base, even though for a while, it felt like you didn't; due to all the silence and short answers. We got 22 days from now
  8. I don't even think it's because of those other games being released. It's the fact that, like you said, they didnt treat us farely on donations at all, and the fact that PF just isn't fun. I never had any fun while playing it. Icecold is best off as just a memory at this point. I'll remember icecold for all the great times. Push the button and shut it down already, it's honestly time to let this go. 2011-2017, Rip Icecold-WoW
  9. i try to log on once every 2 months smh
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