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  1. Kanefever


    just logged back in for the first time in years , and ****. they brought back old reaper. i cant even explain the feelings im having right now. EVERYONE COME BACK NOW camp list 2021 incoming! jk no more toxic lobo
  2. I miss logging on everyday, sniping bitches in the arena, raging cause I was getting camped by soatts , D/R in /s /o , farming faeces, avicii levels playing randomly, getting reported and doing the reports. Ryan and jordan are goats for creating this server. maaaaaaaaaaan. If I could go back. Icecold was really a foundation of PC gaming for me. faeces changed my life and I'm glad to have met each and everyone on it, whether we were beefing with each other or not. It was all apart of the experience. Ok enough sappy ass ranting time to go to work.
  3. Man I love you for this wraithypoo (no homo) i come back to ice from time to time, to see what's up , and to see this literally made my day. I hope we can go back to the golden age once more, but alas. . its as huey from the boondocks said "hope is irrational". Hope everyone is doing good though, stay safe, and wear your ****ing mask. Also Nerf INC forever, even tho they switched up on me that one time.
  4. Still making a sandwich 

  5. I dont ecological bro, stop try sound smart.
  6. Why would you report me bruv, cool out lad
  7. Making a sandwich

  8. Checking in again , this time I'll post a funny a video. Pretty sure i was the ragecano and not sure if trolling ones at some point
  9. You want this baby boys hole you gotta pay the troll toll

  10. Happy new year to almost everybody from old icecold /new icecold, & to almost everyone on eternian. - dont drink and drive 2nite unless you're pro
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