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  1. Skil


    is calderan still here ??? and tuff /Flash /everyonee!!!!!
  2. WHATS UP MADAFAKAS ITS ME YO BOI PALA IS BAACKKK How r u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i fkign miss this server

  4. BROOOOOOOO HOW ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Selling some chars Pm me ^^

    1. Arnoll
    2. Skil


      xDDD Sure

      How are u btw ?

    3. Spacepanther
  6. How is it going BROS !! ? Are u coming back to play iceCold ?

    1. Thanagor


      They sure will once PF is released!

    2. A73xthebomb


      Of course we will!

    3. Skil


      Awesome ^^

      am exited :D

  7. What's up everyone ?

  8. Wtb a Dk with x3fotbs or a hunter . Pm me

  9. WTT my chars for a vip7 on Eternian PM mr ^^.

  10. Omg !!! Admins u need to Fix the Holy Star drop really .

  11. Hello ICE im coming back on IceCold soon ^^

  12. Some1 want TO buy my chars (ELbrecht VIP 7 pala ,Uniomir is à vip3 warrior with tg and some non VIP) pm me back players

  13. Wts/watt my chars pm me for infos (Elbrecht is a vip7 )

  14. someone buy my chars please (only Uniomir and Elbrecht ) pm me for infos ^^

  15. Wts my paladin:vip7 gear with Titan grip:full illust gear:full pvp gear:x2FOTB.1BLOTD;Holy ashbringerr:13/50holy stars to get the Radiant ashbringerr:5/8hoarders:4/6Heroes from ICR2000: Nonvip pala with 898k hp

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