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  1. I don't think event gear like xmas and haloween shouldbe BiS all year round but definitely durring the event and some time after. When the event is over I think that the items needs to be nerfed to equal the current famable bis. I would like to see the VIP Mall reworked, right now there is alot of unessesary clutter/npcs that dosen't need to be there. Faction change for MG or Energetic Essesnce. 1h cooldown. I think sometihng to 1M MG or 500 Energetic Essesnce. Can the loot change to personal loot in duskwood and Hights of Heavens - This will be much better QoL when gearing alts and/or helping other players. Facion based morphs scolls. meaning that if you're Horde you've only be able to morph into hode races. with unlimited uses and cost 5vp each. I found some id's but they are for 3.3.5 not sure if it will work on 4.3.4. night elf male 20318 night elf female 37919 human male 19723 human female 19724 gnome male 20580 gnome female 20320 worgen male 37915 worgen female 37914 dwarf male 20317 dwarf female 37918 orc male 21267 orc female 20316 blood elf male 20578 blood elf female 20579 goblin male 20582 goblin female 20583 tauren male 20585 tauren female 37922 undead male 37923 undead female 37924 draenei male 37916 draenei female 20323
  2. Portal boss. A portal would spawn every 2-3h at the arena. You click the portal would be teleported to an area with a world boss. In my mind I imagined a platform much like the one Dreadmage is on but larger and not a pvp zone. 5 min before the portal spawn an message goes out in global chat saying that there's 5 min untill it spawns. When it spawns a message gout out and say that it has spawned. When the boss is tagged/agroed for the first time a timer sets in and when it run out ex. after 20 min the portal will disapear and the portal respawn timer begins. When the boss dies the portal disapears. To get loot from the boss you only have to have hit it, this feature already exist on Etenian with the Hyrda world boss. This means you don't have to be in a group and therefor prevent some greifing/exclusion. To make the boss somewhat challenging it would be interesting to have the same gear restrictions as the Challenge Dungeons have. And/or some player debuffs like 50% haste reduction. I would like too see spells from the boss that have to be kicked, line of sigthed and moved out of. For future content if posible have more bosses but have them "rotate" so it would be a driffrent boss that spawns form the last time the portal spawned. I am not sure if this already exist but I belive some of the Stormwind guards does this, they switch or there is a chance that they do. (Stormwind City Guard/Aliance Socerer) When/if you would die while figting the boss if possible you'd get teleported to the egde of the plaform and can ress there. You'd still have to hit the boss after you die to get loot. tested on Hyrda. Rewards for killing the boss could include; [Gladiator's Badge] [Life Essence] [Fine Iron] [Ice Warden's Embroidery] Magic Gold/Other currency. If there's an event that is going on some of those materials [Heart of the Aspects] - mount form the old meduim wold boss (red one) low drop chance ofc. A title for killing the/a boss there. - couldbe done through a quest. and hopefully more.
  3. Onlyxia as the next VIP dungeon? or as upgrade to the Cow cloak. [The Cow King's Hide] Trash mobs gives mats for addisional upgrade to currnet vip gear(rings,trink,neck) from Gruul's Lair. Onyxia drops Could drop custom weapon xmorgs like; Gleaming Quel'Serrar but insted of a 1h sword it could be 2h swords/mace/axe. and also ofc 1h but would sit on the back insed of the down the side of the chracter. Empowered Deathbringer as 1h axe/mace Keen Obsidian Edged Blade as 1h sword and then remove the custom weapon from 1h sword xmorg vendor Rusted Gutgore Ripper 1h dagger then remove it from the vendor if it's also there. Reins of the Onyxian Drake ofc low dropchance tho 5% Modify [Head of Onyxia] to give a quest that rewards a legendary cloak this could be class specific with effect like for paladins 5% damage to Crusader Strike and 10% damage to Judgment. An Onyxia bag 36 slot. +500 main stats from event(Str,Agi,Stam,Int,Spirit) or the same but 100% dropchance and only 1 drops pr. kill all items from Onyxia should be Group loot.
  4. Quest says Kill 50 mobs when you takl to the NPC but when you take the quest it's for the kill on the last boss.
  5. ItemID: 70231 Slot: Weapon Type: 2hSword ItemID: 67447 Slot: Weapon Type: 2hSword ItemID: 70178 Slot: Weapon Type: 2hSword
  6. daang I don't know if you remember me but I remember dueling you constantly on reaper before project fire lmao my pallies name was Aero or Dragneel, I had gotten my VIP 7 from buying Wraithy's character he was kinda known across the server if I remember right? Hope your doing well regardless, kinda attempting to get back into this at the moment haha.

  7. ItemID: 70415 Slot: Shoulders Type: Plate Wowhead link: https://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=764/ruthless-gladiators-scaled-armor-elite-recolor ItemID: 43068 Slot: Shoulders Type: Plate Wowhead link: https://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=916/blessed-battlegear-of-undead-slaying ItemID: 29070 Slot: Shoulders Type: Plate Wowhead link: https://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=579/justicar-armor ItemID: 45140 Slot: Shoulders Type: Plate Wowhead link: https://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=428/aegis-plate-recolor ItemID: 70357 Slot: Shoulders Type: Plate Wowhead link: https://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=763/ruthless-gladiators-scaled-armor ItemID: 73651 Slot: Shoulders Type: Plate Wowhead link: https://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=1225/cataclysmic-gladiators-plate-armor-elite-recolor ItemID: 46117 Slot: Shoulders Type: Plate Wowhead link: https://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=499/conquerors-darkruned-plate-25-recolor
  8. Places a Beacon of Light on a friendly target. Your heals on other party or raid members will also heal the Beacon of Light target for up to 40¤ of the amount healed. Ypur Flas of Light and Holy Light on the Beacon of Light target will also refund 30% of their Mana cost.
  9. Your Judgment abillity hits 2 additional nearby enemiew, and always deals a critical strike against targets above 50% health.
  10. Places a powerful blessing on a single ally for 1 hour, granting a shield that absorbs up to (0.675 * Spell power) damage every 6 sec.
  11. ItemID: 77217Slot: WeaponType: 2haxe ItemID: 78403Slot: WeaponType: 2haxe ItemID: 47493Slot: WeaponType: 2haxe
  12. Places a ward on a party or raid member that heals them for (175% of Spell power) the next time they take damage, and then jumps to another party or raid member within 20 yds. Jumps up to 5 times and lasts 30 sec after each jump.
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