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  1. Moonkinstar

    Dont let this be the end!!

    I play daily, and have been trying my best to help support the server by consolidating all my suggestions into a single thread, so the devs/admins may get feedback on what needs to be changed. It doesn't help when 95% of this list is ignored. I know you have far more important priorites in your lives than adding custom content on a 3.5 year realm (Eternian came out mid-2013) with almost zero net population, but the lack of content is mostly what's keeping players away. Some of the minor things on that list wouldn't take more than 5 minutes to implement, such as re-enabling wands to encourage people to play casters, changing a socket bonus so palas/sham/druids won't oom after 5 spells, making an IW tabard without haste for DoT-based spell casters, adding an Agility version of The Butchers Cleaver for the agility-deprived classes, the list goes on. It's not necessarily bad to have a content drought when the peak population is 2-3, but even the most minor of changes could bring a few people back. We saw almost 10 players online when DoH was released. I'm thankful for all of you trying to help the server at this point of time, especially Tent who has been very hard-working in getting new content on the way. We hope this is not the end, because Eternian is/was one of the best private realms I've ever played on (next to Eternion).
  2. Moonkinstar

    Eternian VIP 50% off!

    You need a 4.0.6 client found here http://www.icecold-wow.com/launcher/GameClient406.zip and you must login using your username. (The e-mail address is incompatible with 4.0.6 client)
  3. Moonkinstar

    Eternian VIP 50% off!

    Is Full Talents Points still available for purchase on this realm?
  4. Moonkinstar

    who donated

    This is unbelievable. I was thinking that we'd lose everything in the next 1.5 weeks. We're all grateful that you can help keep the server alive for another 2 months. I don't have much spare time nowadays, but I'll be playing Eternian whenever I can. Long live Ice-Cold!
  5. Moonkinstar

    Eternian is online!

    Don't login with your e-mail, I logged in with my old username and it let me in.
  6. Moonkinstar

    Eternian is online!

    Online right now. Anyone want to do some instances? :P
  7. Moonkinstar

    Ice-Hyjal, 4.3.4 fun realm

    Sorry I worded it wrong. I meant the absence of max haste.
  8. Moonkinstar

    Ice-Hyjal, 4.3.4 fun realm

    Sounds good so far, hoping this will give you some time to fix up P.F and Eternian. The absence of max haste is one of the things that I didn't like on Reaper (it wasn't TRUE max haste cause u couldn't move and cast spells for example) and P.F.
  9. Moonkinstar

    Our last chance

    I think we should have a vote on which realm we'd like to see back up first, as to receive as much support as possible. If we want the server to stay alive, we should pick the option that everyone would like (either Hyjal, P.F, Eternian, whatever it may be). and the reason for this is because I've seen more requests asking for Ice-Eternian's relaunch than asking when P.F is coming back or to restore max haste. To answer the question above, the reason I played on Eternian was to experience old realm Eternion again (despite them now being 2 conpletely different realms). The thing that I liked most about Eternian is that materials drop from every mob (unlike Old Reaper, but this was changed in some higher end instances on Eternian). So at least new players feel as if they are progressing. The tiers are not very confusing either as there are only 3 types of gear - Ice Warden's I - X gear (which is the main gearset), Aractraz Gear (VIP 2 modified gear, but is considered non-vip) and PvP gear. All the dungeons are soloable by either non-vips or multiboxing which is nice (no need to wait for someone to come online to do a dungeon with). There are three bosses for everyone which include a beginner boss in the level 1 gear dungeon, a mid-level boss in the arena, and a high-end boss in Howling Fjord. Note that these bosses are designed for Non-Vips so they are considerably easier than the Vip-only boss. I like how these bosses are easy enough to kill in a small group. The only quirk with the realm is that there is only a few VIP benefits which include a mall and a VIP only boss.
  10. Moonkinstar

    Server population

    I'm just waiting for Ice-Eternian to come back, but if nothing happens by the end of 2016, I wouldn't be surprised if Ice-Cold WoW shut down.
  11. Moonkinstar

    Ice-Eternian's Status

    ^ This. I was wondering why Eternian was even shut down in the first place if it was Reaper that had to be closed to get upgraded to 4.3.4. Now that Eternian stayed on 4.0.6 (it wasn't even upgraded with Reaper), I don't see why it was shut down. Please enlighten us on this, in case there was something technical that was misunderstood.
  12. Moonkinstar


    This. Pretty sure no work is being done on Eternian atm and all resources are going to Reaper / PF. So I don't know why Eternian was taken down.
  13. Moonkinstar

    Do people still play

    This. Hoping for Ice-Eternian to come back before Christmas. We already missed out on the possibility of the Halloween event.
  14. Moonkinstar


    Thank you for your response. I just did not want to worry about my things being deleted. I don't understand why you guys are acting so entitled to know everything. Give them time to sort things out on New Reaper. I spent $ on Eternian as well, but I'm reassured that we weren't completely left in the dark and we know that we will eventually be able to resume playing on Eternian. I understand that you guys are working day in and day out fixing up New Reaper, keep doing what you do. I will play New Reaper from time to time but as a former player of Eternian, but I will be waiting patiently for the realm to resume. Thanks for all that you do, GL on P.F. - Moonkinstar

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