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  1. Just from my perspective, as I check up on the website from time to time, IceCold is dead and gone. I'd recommend they pack up and rebrand their entire server package. They started the release in good hopes, but most of the people who paid money were let down and weren't (from what I've read) treated well when it comes to the handling of donations. Messing with peoples' money is one of my worst fears. I lost several of my VIP sets, and a lot of money that I spent on Eternian pre-staff vanished. At this point I don't care anymore, but that deters me from ever donating again for fear of a loss. The main reasons for lack of population was due to Blizzard's Legion release, Overwatch, and the whole money/donation deal. Those few things combined ended up pushing everyone (or pulling) away from IceCold. My whole server idea for WotLK tanked too, so heh, let's move on shall we?
  2. Oh Dyta, I think you've got too much time on your hands.
  3. I'm not using several accounts though. I am just me... Nice stuff you're saying about me though. You're a good guy.
  4. Let's be real here, I don't edit quotes. Who the **** is who here?
  5. Dyta is here. I can sense it. Brace yourselves.
  6. You're in General Chat, bub. Lighten up. As soon a PF hits, I will camp Loke.
  7. I love updates, so I shall update you. For those of you wondering about the online status of the game servers, Reaper and Eternian, they are currently running. There are no issues on the game server's end and the launcher now works correctly. Ryan is working on the store now, which could take some time.
  8. The main cause of these issues is account trading (or hacking). The changes will hypothetically disable accounts that are traded (or hacked) accounts unless you managed to trade the email address over correctly when you traded. If you managed to add on a random fake email address to keep yourself anonymous, that had it's payout but now the consequences are here. This is essentially the safer upgrade for security of accounts.
  9. Please re-read this article to better understand the "Update": http://www.icecold-wow.com/news/_/news/account-change-warning-r55 ---> The article states that the update will not be introduced until the launch of Project Fire into Reaper. You more than likely logged in with the wrong credentials enough to get locked out of your account(s) due to the IP lock for failed attempts. Your normal username (not email) and password are still operational unless you changed them. Remember that the password cannot have special characters, as it is not included in the system configuration for security. Lastly, if your are getting all the way to the login status and see a list of servers instead of your characters, then hit enter. Usually if you spam enter enough it will pause at the server selection screen instead of going to your character screen. Let me know if this works or not.
  10. Update 5/24/16 -Completely reworked (full delete and rewrite) the Portal Stone system and planning1 -full optimization for loading data into memory, instead of queries which are unreliable -'back' button feature added to loop through the menu -Level sets for all classes when using boosts are planned out -Warrior set displays and names were added. -Portal Stone icons were set 1I plan to add the ability to filter for class and faction exclusive portals. >>Next project to take on would be to optimize the scripts for level boosts. le Credit: Ryan for showing me how (and persuading me) to run scripts through memory, instead of Database queries. Rick for finding all the sweet ass icons for the portals.
  11. Hey Stefan, I'm still working and spending time with my family. I'm also working on a new realm for Ice: Ice-Dimensions (3.3.5). It is hard stuff (core work), but really fun. I'm glad to hear you're doing fancy over there. I hope all is well in times to come for you.
  12. That's more like it. Also, L2link images ;).
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