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  1. The thing is, i cleared cache which included that exe file so yeah
  2. As soon as the launcher starts: ================================================ Title: Communication error Message: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found. Details: Files contained in launcher folder: BackgroundDownloader.exe Battle.net.dll Blizzard Updater.exe dbghelp.dll DivxDecoder.dll IceColdLauncher.exe ijl15.dll Microsoft.VC80.CRT.manifest msvcr80.dll Repair.exe Scan.dll unicows.dll wow-patch.mpq Wow.exe WoW.mfil WoW.tfil WowError.exe Date/time: 01-Aug-16 8:42:31 PM ================================================
  3. Hello everyone that remembers me or not. Just wanted to drop by and say hi and see what's up. Obviously a LOT have been going on since i left but let's just say i'm currently a barista at a coffee shop and in a great relationship. Sometimes it just feels right getting back even for a bit with people that gave some of the best experiences and things to remember, so without further due, feel free to share your own news, staff or not.
  4. -Update June 22nd 2015- Catacombs, under Special Dungeons category, is now available once again with a functioning loot which now drops only with the equivalent active quest.
  5. Donny


    Also, for future reference, make sure to post FULL screenshots, not cropped ones, please and thanks.
  6. Coldest thing i've read today on the internet. -- Goodbye Myrn, hope to see you around again.
  7. Implemented in the newest update.
  8. Update 30/9/2014: Special Dungeon "Catacombs" has been released. This is a place made to give an ease or just another way for players that have difficulties farming, to get a Frozen Weapon. For the 2nd and last quest, you are permitted to find the Rim of Frost, that drops from all Catacombs bosses, yet with a very small drop rate. Completing this quest, you receive 6 Crypt's Passcards to use for The Breedwinner's goods, which are Frozen Weapons.Edit: Quests have been made weekly with a raise on the Rim of Frost drop rate.
  9. Donny

    Lost Kitten

    I was about to go and make some coffee because i was getting sleepy, but meh, i suppose it's not needed anymore. Thanks.
  10. Update 15/9/2014: Custom Instance "Shadowfang Keep" has been revamped and re-released within the "Drak'Tharon Keep". The instance is now a more aesthetically viable place to farm, and players can now solo it.
  11. Donny

    Can't play

    Double-check your cache folders and make sure they are both deleted again. Something tells me they are the ones causing the error. If you tried already and you still get the error then i suggest you wait for a reply from someone that has knowledge of macs. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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