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  1. Well not gonna lie our player count is not anything to brag about currently, but we're still managing a small number of good players, you should come on and play again to see whats new!
  2. OmegaRoze


  3. OmegaRoze


    sometimes? I think there's a like a period where around 9pm PST to like 3-4am PST its kind of dead, but other wise usually people on during all hours.
  4. I'll be online to harass I mean to hang out with you during the day.
  5. As some long time players recall I generally host a once a year PvP Tournament, well here it is! Date: October 21, 2017 Time: 1pm PST *Please log in and ask for summon 15 minutes early* *GRAND PRIZE INCLUDES 100$ ICE-COLD STORE GIFT CARD!* MUST BE AT LEAST 15 SIGN UPS. Prizes awarded to top 3 will include gladiator badges, event tokens, MG, everyone participating will win a consolation prize just for paticipating. Rules: You must sign up on the forum here and the day of the tournament bring a new character with Basic Ice Warden Gear no FTP/TG allowed. All match
  6. Pfft like anyone could ever get rid of me!? Many have tried none of succeeded, just pop around sometime during the late morning early afternoon PST monday-thursday and usually you'll see me. (Unless I have to go pray to the toilet like I was last week)
  7. Your request is reasonable we'll take care of it soon as possible.
  8. Pop is looking good, we're seeing a slow but steady increase of players coming back to play.
  9. Yes I understand that you're trying to keep the server up and that Eternian cannot be brought up over night, However I can honestly say people will donate to see Eternian come back up. So again I state if we the people have the skills, the time, and the money to not only keep Ice-Cold afloat but also bring Eternian back....what's the problem? I'm not trying to cause any problems or sit here and fight with you about it, I would just like to genuinely know what the issue is here that's preventing work from being done on Eternian.
  10. It's come to my attention that there are actually a large number of people willing to work on Eternian however they are being ignored and their requests to help left unanswered. So let me spell this out plainly. If people outside of the current staff work on PF/Hyjal are willing to dedicate time, money and resources to get Eternian running will you do it or are you just going to let Eternian gather dust and pray real hard that Hyjal saves you.
  11. Ryan our Eternian Ryan, has kind of gone AWOL with Banelings as far as I've heard, so they really don't have the resources to work on their realms+Eternian, which I completely understand. The thing is while Eternian is under Ice-Cold at the same time is largely independent, Vyn(Ryan) and Banelings along with their chosen staff were handling most everything with out Reaper-Ryan and Jordan really doing much more then occasionally nodding approval. So it's not really that Jordan and the others are shafting anyone, you have to realize that duplicating everyone's custom gear from Eternian would be
  12. Currently I'd guess about 50/50 chances
  13. Ok so if you had more devs and money you could get Eternian back up and running yes?
  14. Ok I understand all your resources are currently being focused on PF Reaper....but what I kinda feel some people would like know is what additional resources would you need to get Eternian up and running again? I'm not talking about updates or anything just right now what would it take to get it up and running nothing more.
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