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  1. Jansen


    Just wondering if Reaper is a lost cause right now. Been a while since I heard anything.
  2. Just think it would be cool to have characters visible on the website again. To see who people actually are and compare characters to others. Unless there's something against it by retail.
  3. So 2 more years of dev time, is what you're saying?
  4. What about the original server costs. We were supposed to get something if we donated for the last one.
  5. Jansen


    So, we can now buy vip 8 but cant get our old vip/refund back yet?
  6. Yeah, they're not into answering questions like that. Get used to it.
  7. Jansen


  8. Yeah, but your $1000 character isn't gone. People want their vip. They spent alot of their hard earned money on it. They have the vip gear made obviously, people just want to know when they will actually get it. Not this whole "Today, Nah tomorrow" then not get it thing.
  9. Jansen


    So, if our Vip 7 upgrades to 8. Would our vip 1-6 upgrade +1 as well?
  10. Jansen

    Mage Bugs

    Arcane Ability - Arcane Missiles - Broken. Is not useable at all when procced.
  11. Mortal Strike does more damage than Execute?
  12. Ele shaman: Chain Lightning does more damage than Lightning bolt.
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