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  1. Dark transformation does not work. the document i mentioned before that i sent to jordan was the bug that the spell doesn't flare up when you reach 5 stacks of shadow infusion. so the pet can't transform. please try to fix this aswell. it's key to uh dk rotation
  2. Hey everyone! I would like to make a party somewhere this week to make a raid group to try and kill a world boss. Everyone is welcome. have atleast Stratholme gear. T8 players are also very needed! Thanagor/Ryan/Bunny also can join would be awesome.
  3. How about base damage itself? that is the biggest issue. and mostly affects all melee aswell
  4. agittunc


    your soatts gives u 25% off the original amount spend on it. so 150 euro for those 2. and your vip7 transfers over to the max gear possible on the new reaper. also, your 1000 euro are donations. asking for refund will not work since you choose to give them money as support. complaining now is ridiculous. you can literally claim gear in a few minutes now.
  5. i didn't D/R you. you insult other people's parents. what you expect i was gonna say? the worst i called you is idiot. yet you kept on and on with the momma stuff. you deserve your mute. at the world boss you kept spawning faeces on the ground and causing us to die all the time. and there we just said to go away.
  6. I don't have to be sorry, i can show you what lobo does. and when you see it you will understand why i behave that way sometimes. In any case, i suspect ur new to the server. Welcome to icecold. (u joined yesterday)
  7. Alright then, you are absolutely blind by what other people were saying when you should have read my opening post. I never stated i was NOT thankful. you are ignoring the fact that i was stating my opinion about the server of why it is not a good idea. why are you including me to this group of thankless people you are referring me to? Like i said it is my opinion. so if loboz comes in and be little child don't blame me for other people ruining it. I want this server to flourish just as much as you do. And i want to express my opinion because that is the right thing to do. you
  8. I would like to mention that, your attempt to sound like a smartass is not helping. You are not sorry for "blocking" me. which in my case i don't care since i don't even know you. i made this topic to give my opinion on the matter. if people are gonna be a dick to me for no reason i have no problem being a dick back. "inconsiderate" what is your argument then? you can call me w/e u want atleast come with good arguments as to why it's inconsiderate? inexpressible? so some random dude comes in and adds nothing to the topic. you go ahead and block me i really don't care. agg
  9. what are you even on about? i was here giving my opinion. so bye!
  10. offended? no, but i dont need to be talking or playing with someone that is a rude idiot. i don't care what your opinion is, shouldn't be on the internet? are you for real? i am standing up for myself what else is there to it? anyway i am done talking to you and will kill you where i see you so cya.
  11. yea they didnt fix the release thing in the arena yet. hopefully they will soon
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