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  1. Dark transformation does not work. the document i mentioned before that i sent to jordan was the bug that the spell doesn't flare up when you reach 5 stacks of shadow infusion. so the pet can't transform. please try to fix this aswell. it's key to uh dk rotation
  2. Hey everyone! I would like to make a party somewhere this week to make a raid group to try and kill a world boss. Everyone is welcome. have atleast Stratholme gear. T8 players are also very needed! Thanagor/Ryan/Bunny also can join would be awesome.
  3. How about base damage itself? that is the biggest issue. and mostly affects all melee aswell
  4. agittunc


    your soatts gives u 25% off the original amount spend on it. so 150 euro for those 2. and your vip7 transfers over to the max gear possible on the new reaper. also, your 1000 euro are donations. asking for refund will not work since you choose to give them money as support. complaining now is ridiculous. you can literally claim gear in a few minutes now.
  5. i didn't D/R you. you insult other people's parents. what you expect i was gonna say? the worst i called you is idiot. yet you kept on and on with the momma stuff. you deserve your mute. at the world boss you kept spawning faeces on the ground and causing us to die all the time. and there we just said to go away.
  6. I don't have to be sorry, i can show you what lobo does. and when you see it you will understand why i behave that way sometimes. In any case, i suspect ur new to the server. Welcome to icecold. (u joined yesterday)
  7. Alright then, you are absolutely blind by what other people were saying when you should have read my opening post. I never stated i was NOT thankful. you are ignoring the fact that i was stating my opinion about the server of why it is not a good idea. why are you including me to this group of thankless people you are referring me to? Like i said it is my opinion. so if loboz comes in and be little child don't blame me for other people ruining it. I want this server to flourish just as much as you do. And i want to express my opinion because that is the right thing to do. you talk about it. You need to understand that having a opinion does not mean i am thankless or whatever. God forbid having an opinion on a topic. this is what you in my Opinion are saying to me. Don't blame me by what other people say. read my first topic with a open mind. i was not trying to sound like a thankless dick. I already said in another topic that i am giving Project fire a chance. i never said i am going to quit or whatever. i am loyal that way. and icecold is still in my opinion better then most. and a big reason for this is that the staff and the admins try to communicate as much as possible with us. there are not alot of servers that do this kind of thing. So no, i am not only negative on this server. there are some positive things about it. the original concept is in my opinion very understandable and pretty good overall. But i stay by my point that there are to many servers doing the same thing. And i want Project Fire to be Unique. Wouldn't you? Now, can you stop judging me for things other people said? That would be very nice thank you. PS : Blocking is something that is your choice. if you want to block me for whatever reason i won't try to stop you. But don't blame me for things i did not do.
  8. I would like to mention that, your attempt to sound like a smartass is not helping. You are not sorry for "blocking" me. which in my case i don't care since i don't even know you. i made this topic to give my opinion on the matter. if people are gonna be a dick to me for no reason i have no problem being a dick back. "inconsiderate" what is your argument then? you can call me w/e u want atleast come with good arguments as to why it's inconsiderate? inexpressible? so some random dude comes in and adds nothing to the topic. you go ahead and block me i really don't care. aggressiveness? where is the agression then? i was merely stating my opinion. god forbid having a opinion on a topic. so, either act like a normal person and give your opinion or just stop posting.
  9. what are you even on about? i was here giving my opinion. so bye!
  10. offended? no, but i dont need to be talking or playing with someone that is a rude idiot. i don't care what your opinion is, shouldn't be on the internet? are you for real? i am standing up for myself what else is there to it? anyway i am done talking to you and will kill you where i see you so cya.
  11. yea they didnt fix the release thing in the arena yet. hopefully they will soon
  12. you are not the only person. i don't want to pvp myself at the moment because i want to farm gear first. and no camping is not a part of wow its what kills it. you can spin it around all you like you are just a sad sack that just added nothing to the topic. ps : you insulting people's mother is excactly why i didn't come to do some pvp. and thats why rizing started camping you. for your childish behaviour.
  13. thank you, i am not trying to bash you ryan/thanagor. but you should discuss this over. balancing can happen if u really want it. just dont go overboard with the secondary stats. please reconsider ryan/thanagor. because it would be shame of the current t8 is final.
  14. oh boy, the defense! :P im just kidding. anyway, i think you are not utilizing the logs that already exist. in cataclysm even then there was little balance. and not every spec was viable. u can see the stats the results everything. to think what the best balance would be. I understand the concern but having a blizzlike approach will not help the server grow. and saying that balancing would be a bother i know a server which has full custom stat gear etc. and over 1k people play it. and you prolly know which one i mean. but they are popular because nobody dares to do that. and its the only one having that approach. i bet you can do it to. i agree and disagree with this. because if you put alot of effort in your content. people will see the results. and custom content does not have a short live. ice-reaper had a wrong approach in gear which made it toxic for non vip players to keep playing. thus kill the server with the dominant vips. i agree that keeping it simple is the way to go. but also make it understandable for new players. #1 : true, and i think 342 minimum is kind of extreme. #2 : that will be fixed in time
  15. Hello everyone! I have asked for a example of gear from jordan (sorry mate i have to). here is a link : http://prnt.sc/cw1ez8 now, the intention is to have a blizzlike gear system. but in my opinion this is not a good idea. and for other people to pitch in their idea's. The reason why it's not a good idea is because there are millions of the same kind of content. and if this is also gonna be 1 of those people will not join. for the simple reason that there is no reason. why would they? they have the gear there that they already farmed for. why join this one to start over? also, alot of players such as myself love custom gear. it does not have to be insane. but a balance. ice reaper was a good server it just made vip gear to dominant. so players like holydk took advantage of that to kill the server. (he doesn't care but w/e). These numbers on the gear are not special. its just very much like retail. and speaking for myself i don't want that. there should be custom stats on the gear. like for example : strat gear (chest) : 400 int / 600 stam have like 200 master /or haste whatever. next tier like 650 int 850 stamina with the additional stats. yes it is still kind of the same. but there should be a gap on the tiers. i mean look at stratholme/utgarde keep. the gap is extreme low. and even with max t8 gear you would never be able to do worldbosses. what is your opinion about this?
  16. I understood the concerns. i do agree to some degree. like i suggested having 10 or 20% advantage from the highest farmable gear is still acceptable. about the vip7 + soatt "support" thing. it is not up to the admins wheter or not you donate. that is the player's choice. so whatever we say they have the final word. i do agree it is a slap in the face but ye you choose to donate we really dont have any say in the matter.
  17. they have been working on it for 2 years. and so far for me it's not very positive. but they might suprise us with content they have been holding back.
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