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  1. sure not everyone will want to help but what was stopping them from recruiting well when theres little to no communication about project fire and no new content updates on reaper for a long time they shouldve thought of something i dont know about you but i probably wouldve found a few people willing to help within the 2 years in its current iteration it seems like its in pre alpha but hey thats just me
  2. then you should have hired some devs to work on it
  3. if you read my first post it was on another account and im probably going to try and recover it depending on the circumstances in which vip/misc purchases are refunded
  4. this looks like it has been worked on for 2 years because the original post has a picture with dalaran destroyed and in the same thread you posed a picture a month later with one of the world bosses so its safe to say its been in development for almost 2 years
  5. nobody answered my question also if i bought fotbs/soatts will they be refunded as well
  6. how much store credit would i get if i had vip 7 on an old account
  7. they have been working on this for 2 years? it doesnt seem like they got much done unless they are holding back content. a lot of the classes are very buggy and dont even have the gear and weapons to function properly. is this going to be fixed @Thanagor
  8. @Thanagor also how long have u guys been working on this project. i havent really been keeping up. also how often are the content updates coming sorry for all the questions im just curious.
  9. yes it is me loltyler1. you guys may know me from league but ive been thinking about sponsoring this server. it helped me get through the tough times in my life. where did reaper go and are you using a repack for for project fire. and wtf ur website is called icecold not project fire. why is everything broken
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