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  1. servers are up and running, we had a small issue. If you want to know when we are working on something and requires restart, feel free to join our discord https://discord.gg/WERR6HSnzF
  2. No. We are planning on making a new currency for everything, so MG will not be added to dungeons from now on.
  3. All spells ingame are being worked/tweaked at some point, we are just not ready yet to release this hotfix.
  4. We don't support retail content that means we don't support achievements. Hope that clarified it all.
  5. xuNNyy

    Hi im new

    make sure when you have downloaded our launcher you put it inside an empty folder, and not an already existing wow folder, our launcher wont work without an empty folder
  6. Hello, it's being worked on, finding a way to buff rogues and fix Blade Flurry. as of now there is no ETA for the release of this "fix"
  7. who is you

    1. JorgeK


      Don't know, notify me once you know though

  8. hey guys, thanks for the suggestions. We will make sure to keep these npcs in mind when creating the next world boss
  9. xuNNyy

    cant login

    try change ur password to the same password and login
  10. Did you download launcher an put it inside a fresh new folder?
  11. today at like 5 pm east time
  12. wtf regen hax confirmed.
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