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  1. Hey Planter, have you joined our Discord? If not please join and DM myself, Vanquish#7283 so i can help you fix this issue!
  2. 12/12/2020 - Christmas update is live! - New world mall added! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12/13/2020 - Strange Snowman spawn timer changed to 10 minutes! - Added missing decorations in Gurubashi Arena! - Spawned missing npcs in Deepholm Mall! - Fixed Red Christmas Present upgrade! - Fixed an issue that caused newly created characters to spawn in the wrong place! - Fixed Deepholm guard faction! - Added missing upgrade for Snowball Cannon!
  3. We're onto it, a fix will be live soon! Keep an eye out on our changelogs both here and on the Discord server. Thanks for letting us know ❤️
  4. - “Aesthetic Item Quartermaster” has been updated with more transmog items!
  5. Hey everyone!Starting on the 1st of January 2021, we'll be rewarding the top 3 monthly voters with store credit!Here's what you'll recieve:1st: $502nd: $253rd: $10We might add to these rewards depending on how many vote points you guys accumulate, so don't forget to keep voting!
  6. Hey, thanks for the suggestion! I thought you'd like to know that we are adding in class specific legendaries to come with the big Firelands content update. This will hopefully be released after Christmas 🙂
  7. A special thanks to everyone that took the time to write up these transmog suggestions in the correct format. I've processed most of these items and they should be live in-game around mid December! If you think i've missed a few items please DM me. Keep up the suggestions ❤️
  8. UPCOMING UPDATES -------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 2020 Christmas content! - New World Bosses! - New Mall located in Deepholm - Diablo Dungeon (Battle for Mount Hyjal) which consists of upgradable items & kill quests! - Firelands content which consists of an introductory quest line to welcome players into a new raid which involves a fully upgradable main armour set called Infernal, a full questline for legendary class specific weapons & more! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Christmas
  9. Thunderaan would be a good boss too.
  10. Hey! Thoughts on adding more world bosses that are a little more difficult than the current bosses which would require higher VIP's to help others? I was thinking The Lich King with a little more zazz. Loot could be made up of a range of cool new unobtainable mounts, a different variety of shirts and tabards and maybe some new upgradable offsets. Feel free to add to this suggestion if ya'll got a better idea! 🙂
  11. Thanks for your suggestion! I've actually been thinking of ways we can increase our votes on the server to attract more players and we've got a few good ideas which are being discussed as we speak, and i'm also currently in contact with a youtuber which gets a fair amount of views per video... Hopefully something with that will happen soon. As for new content to keep new and existing players busy; after the admins are done with revamping our Reaper realm, we'll also be whipping up something tasty for our Eternian realm to keep the dedicated players busy!
  12. I like the idea of adding new and more content to keep us all busy, especially the idea of a quest chain.... and although it would take some time to put together, I think it’ll be great! Thanks for your suggestion @Nickey
  13. Thanks @Moonkinstar , I’ve passed this onto the admins to make a decision. Appreciate the suggestion bro.
  14. Hey guys and girls! For those players still interested in seeing our server thrive once more we need you to help us out. One of our main goals right now is to ensure the communication between players and staff is as easy as can be.... and with that being said, we need you guys to give us all your suggestions which could possibly help improve your gameplay on our Eternian realm and keep you interested while slowly farming for those beautiful items you dream about every night. Our devs have mainly been working very hard lately on large updated dungeon releases which has caused a sort
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