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  1. Well, calc this semester, so we'll be talking a whollle lot :D
  2. Cause you're shady and never talk to me anymore /cry
  3. Lianique. You were hired for a short time and did some work during this period. While that was appreciated, it was also part of the job. You don't deserve any special treatment for having done that work, just as no other ex-staff do (including myself). I worked on Eternian for ~1 year. You don't see me parading around expecting praise.
  4. Yeah, not reading all of this, but no, pvp won't be allowed in instances.
  5. If you are just now joining us after the merge, and want to use the account you had on old eternian, put "e85" in front of your account name. So, if your old account name was dylanisawesome, it would now be e85dylanisawesome.
  6. In your chat logs, you admit to having killed other players as well. I will personally warn Zoro, and yourself. While it was not right for Zoro to have taken action into his own hands, you should not have killed him in the first place. In my eyes, I see that you are both at fault. So you are both being warned, any further PvP by either of you on any character will result in escalated actions to be taken.
  7. 'tis a good idea, and I've gone ahead and done so. Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. Update: March 21, 2014. -Guild Bank completely re-done. Bank tabs should work correctly for everyone now. -Gold limit on bags / AH / trade / banks is now set to one million, up from 214.7k.
  9. Server Maintenance restart? Want to know what was changed / fixed? You've come to the right place. This thread will be used to keep players up to date with the most recent updates to Ice-Eternian.
  10. I do like this idea, the only thing I can see being a problem is what to have it drop. Of course, we could probably come up with something, but if you have any suggestions for that as well, it will be considered. Thanks for the suggestion :D
  11. This ^ Seeing as the original poster has this sorted, the topic will be closed.
  12. :o he? So sexist! J/k :P Not currently listening to anything, but just got back from the gym and the last song that played was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KS7IlF8BLnM&feature=kp
  13. This is a thread for guild recruitment. Down below you may post your guild name, guild leader, a short description of your guild, and any screenshots or other information. Please remember to include your in-game name so interested members of the community may message you in-game to join. Remember to keep it clean guys! -Credit for the idea from "Elegolass"
  14. It will be disabled until we can fix it properly, thank you for the report.
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