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  1. camren

    I Might Come Back

    Tf? Why is everything offline
  2. camren

    I Might Come Back

    Hello, as you know I'm Zuess but I have been gone for like forever... I first started in 2013 October I think, I have been busy and started playing alot of CS:GO, But I'm coming back.
  3. camren

    Mysterious Enchant???

    I think it is a custom one like Jordan or someone made I haven't seen it anywhere else or when I've searched for stuff like that I havent seen it if so here is http://www.wowhead.com/
  4. camren

    PvP Tournament

    I would do expert but i am sadly 5/8 arca pieces only :( anyone else like me close but so far at the same time? And it would be very cool and if on reaper there will be runs how many and anytime they have to be one by if won by someone that plays reaper
  5. camren

    Bored V2

    Bored V2 basicly
  6. camren

    Screenshot 2

    Well you guess i could say i take screenshots when i'm bored
  7. camren

    Camp List (Updated) for late 2014-2015

    Nah i dont think so i quit and dont have it on my new computer and why post this on forums
  8. camren

    Custom Glyphs/spells

    To OP because many poeple would just buy it aslong with vip7 and soatts/soatls
  9. camren

    will there be more vip dungeons on reaper?

    Illus is our last set
  10. camren

    Great idea for Druids

    I might be playing druid if it happens and others will play it and not pala its boring just same class though i personally play rogue though i think alot of druid spells for cat And bear should be nerfed then
  11. camren

    Zuess D/R

    yeah lol he raged more than me, you should have saw that chat
  12. camren

    Zuess D/R

    u were bitching off how good u guys were when i play on a rogue on other realm lol
  13. camren


    Yes Events PvP Holy Ashbringer Radiant Ashbringer and GodSword
  14. camren

    How to play a Paladin

    Now we all are a pro at paladin
  15. camren


    Welcome back

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