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  1. hello what is the realmlist for this server please


  2. Hi everyone. As you guys may know our next project is gonna be a VIP dungeon for upgrading VIP gear. We would really appreciate if you took your time voting on one of the 6 dungeons you would rather see. Thanks for taking your time to vote.
  3. Hi everyone. As you guys may know we are working on a new dungeon for the Eternian Realm. So we were looking to engage the players a bit by making a strawpoll. Thank you for taking your time.
  4. I guess its night time for icecold, and the end is close :* Bye, i wish to meet you guys on another Cata server. I prefer Eternion wow like server ;) We are comming in to 2017 and None of the "Staff" Cares.
  5. Is Ice-Eternian even gonna come back? :P
  6. Ya i agree im starting to get a bit bored of eternian. and i wish there was a side quest like the warglave's that was on eternion
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