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  1. Attached a file with around 60 pieces of transmog gear which includes the gear pieces within armor sets. The Lieutnant marshal pvp gear in the vendor is not equippable so it needs to be replaced with the replica's. The same with the grand marshal weapons ? Transmogs.txt
  2. Hello everyone! Karugan the paladin here. Not sure if alot of people remember me but i was active during 2012 - 2014 but was mostly active during 2013 I managed to find the Private Server once more and found alot of old memories to say the least and just wanted to say hello to anyone that still remembers me! ? Just for a reminder, I used to hang around Cecilli and if im not wrong Zeuss and Tuff :3 Hope you all have a wonderful day!
  3. Hello Era its been a looong time. Nice to see you're doing well and that you've started your own company, not sure if you still remember me (Karugan the paladin) but hopefully you do! Your old friend Karugan.
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