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  1. Well it's been forever since I've visited, here's what I've been up to. I recently just released my own company, it's a clothing brand for everyday wear/outdoors. I live on my own now and I'm currently in college for Business Management. I'm 19. Currently single as can be, but I'm not worried about a relationship right now I have more things to worry about. But I have been talking to one girl. That's about it, just a bunch of work being a CEO. I see Icecold really needs to be revived soon. Miss everyone, I've been slammed with working 24/7 I haven't had time to play games.
  2. Not exactly sure how this makes him a "Ninja" but maybe i'm just missing something.
  3. I will get back to everyone with offers as soon as I get paid this Wednesday!
  4. Just now got out of school for summer and I want to start playing again. So if anyone has a cheap VIP 7 for sale let me know, would love to see the server active again :]
  5. Tundra


    Miss everyone too, i'll be back in the summer time! :) Give me about a month.
  6. All I want is big booty bitches.
  7. Tundra

    Let's do this!

    We can close this now.
  8. Here to stir the pot or what. ;P
  9. Great community we have here. Flame a guy that is stopping by to say hi, great job guys.
  10. Dream as big as the Midnight Sky.

  11. Not really a threat. Icecold's DDOS protection is the best of the best, don't have to worry about getting hit, and even if we did, it would take a ton.
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