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  1. Negan


    In 3 days? Wow, I'm more than excited!
  2. Rocket Launcher Daggers: Unfortunately, I forgot the displayID. You can't find it on WoWHead as far as I know. They're pretty unknown. Nonetheless, can you add them to the transmog vendor as daggers? You would need to look in the database for the displayID, ItemID is 10005707. Just look out for the displayID!
  3. The thing is though, what have I actually done wrong in the first place? As far as I can remember, two days ago I had an ongoing conversation with the player Imahater (you remember?). I told him to go to you if he had any problems and then you came up with "I will mute the living faeces out of you" out of nowhere. I were never unkind to you in any way before. Just disgusting. Ultimately, if you can't stand me, just put me on the ignore list and you'll never hear anything from me again. I promise you that.
  4. Player's Name : Maddox Rule Broken : Abusing his powers What Happened : I asked a player "Do you know who Maddox is?" then he whispered "Are you intentionally being ****ing annoying?" And then he threatened me, saying he's going to ban me next time. But for what? Because I asked a simple question? Are you kidding me? This guy thinks he's the king of the world. Screenshots : (Required) https://prnt.sc/lkcufl https://prnt.sc/lkcuqx
  5. Don't you guys have a Backup of the old realm that you created on the last day of Ice-Reaper, including all characters, information and so on? That's at least what I would do before making a enormous step forward. But yeah. It would be amazing to see Ice-Reaper being alive once again. PvP was so much fun (it had its disadvantages and advantages, sure). Sign me in.
  6. Just logged in, and there were 0 players on both realms (as expected). I think it's time to bring back Ice-Reaper as it used to be.
  7. For the love of god, please bring it back. I will definitely durably play on it (assuming old characters are still available). There's no point in waiting. No point at all. Just bring it back and see how many players are going to play on it!
  8. Negan

    Server down?

    I'm still unable to connect. "You've been disconnected from the server."
  9. I can't get into the server (Unable to connect. Please try again later). Did I miss something?
  10. Negan

    Ice Reaper

    Is it possible bringing back IceCold Reaper (4-0-6) potentially being in the same state before the update?
  11. Negan


    Anyone out there?
  12. Please spare me, dear Loboz.
  13. Merry Christmas, Lobozbane.
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