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  1. I loved wearing full impec 2x fotb full icegold 1 shotting vip 4s maybe 5 on pally. And even with full hoarder's ? I loved the hoarder's gear
  2. Sup Holydk, Dragonborrn/Miraak/Toastdog etc here.

    1. Holydeekay


      Hi I'm new. Sry I don't remember or know anyone here anymore. 

  3. Knee264


    What is the discord? Y'all literally have it nowhere on the website.
  4. Yep. I prefer a fresh start of old icecold. Mainly since I was hacked ? But also cause pvp would be unfair cause everyone would be a vip 7.
  5. 1. Brings down donations mainly on the 'high' weps, why would anyone pay 1500eu (around 1700 usd) for a wep on a game. If I was to get that, I'd be expecting to 1 shot everyone and everything with just that weapon equipped. That is an outrageous price. 2. DK Death n Decay, Strangulate, and Hungering Cold don't do any damage. 3. requirements for mats, should go up MAX 100 at a time. Not 130, 150, 200 at a time. As it's a pain for classes like dk who don't obtain haste as easy as some other classes do to farm. (Can't remember other suggestions, will update with them if I remember.)
  6. I would suggest bringing back the old IceCold. You'll probably gain most of your player base back. I am an old player, new account. Never stayed till the end once a little someone somehow hacked my email which lead to him hacking my account. I have no idea how he got my email either. But, these 'new' realms are dead. There's not even any GMs online. I've only seen 1 player. You're hardly getting any donations. Nobody is voting. The website hasn't been active in a year. I also suggest bringing back the old website, as it was easier to navigate and was way better than this one. This server was fun with the old IceCold. You guys risked it all and lost it all is my guess.
  7. What made you guys get rid of the old icecold and why?
  8. Yeah uhh, I'm just getting the unable to connect, went to the WTF/wtf.config file and checked the realmlist and patchlist, it's correct. But it's not working.
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