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  1. Holydeekay

    Holydk = Waldo

    no u
  2. Holydeekay

    It’s been a long time

  3. Sup Holydk, Dragonborrn/Miraak/Toastdog etc here.

    1. Holydeekay


      Hi I'm new. Sry I don't remember or know anyone here anymore. 

  4. Holydeekay

    Most Hated Icecold Players Of All Time

    Still #1 most hated skrubs. l2 get on my lvl ... i even had a hate guild dedicated to me LUUUL... @Loke @Kanefever get jelly skrubs.
  5. Holydeekay

    Reclaim your gear now available

    Camps inc... Kappa @Loke
  6. Holydeekay

    Who's the best?

    tanks @counterwow21 karappa
  7. Holydeekay

    Who's the best?

    @xmzzy ofc im 1 of the best palas even tho im new... thanks for realizing it kappa! Sorry for the late response and you 2 @counterwow21 <33 no homoe. ****
  8. Holydeekay

    Guild Recruitment

    Stfu lubo stop mentioning my name everywhere. Idk you or associate with you anymoar... its obv i only trust energyqt Kappa...
  9. Holydeekay

    Who's Better? Round 1

    Ofc I'm better and I won this topic... #mosthated still lives on Kappa.
  10. Holydeekay

    So my camp list....

    Roflllll... Still #1 on lubo's list after so many years .... EZ PZ. @Kanefever
  11. Holydeekay

    Most Hated Icecold Players Of All Time

    hah. still win as #mosthated even years later ez! @shapedragon1 @Kanefever @Binkeucieb @Binkeuclab @Binkeucleb @VirralZ KappaHD
  12. Animu Suggestions pl0x.

    1. Loke


      angel beats

  13. Holydeekay

    Db + Tuff=forever love KAPPA

    rofl GG
  14. Holydeekay

    Eternian Character Shop

    Why not remove this stat swap system..?

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