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  1. Hello IceCold community, Let us go over the IceCold realm champions. Who do you think are the best 3 non-VIP players of each class listed below? Warriors - Mages - Paladins - Hunters - Shamans - Druids - Warlocks - Rogues - Death Knights - Priests -
  2. Hello players! Let me see what do you think about each other. Who would be the best of each classes listed below? Mage - ? Shaman - ? Druid - ? Hunter - ? Warrior - ? Paladin - ? Priest - ? Warlock - ? Rogue - ? Death Knight - ? This should be interesting.
  3. I'm just bored so I decided to make a topic where people can vote for the players that play their class the best. Let me hear you folks!!! The best Warrior? The best Mage? The best Paladin? The best Rogue? The best Hunter? The best Druid? The best Shaman? The best Priest? The best Warlock? The best Death Knight? Thanks!!! ;)
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