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  1. #Chipforeverinourhearts ^^ Hope you come back bro.
  2. I might have been harsh on the reasons I dislike where the server is going but it has a ton of potential. All the admins/gms are gifted players and I really think they could make this server amazing ^^ Here's a list of some ways; 1). Make cool and fun items for people to vote for/ earn in events etc. In old ewow you could get some of the monster weapons and most of them are cool just to screw around with well at least for me. Something making crappy weapons with cool skins just to screw around with for fun.(Especially morphing items are always cool to screw around with) 2). Why not add twinks (Twinks were always fun). The gear when you get VI is pretty good and I can't see making a twink as an unfair advantage but it just gives someone something to farm and work for. Like make twink only items because I know you're trying to make this a more ice-cold type server and that would allow for expansion of many things like dungeons, quests, and even new competitions between twink guilds/groups etc. 3). Fix arena and battlegrounds because those were always something new and fun. With this you can add gear, weapons, and quests. Also people like to go for ranks so maybe adding more rankings for top 2v2 rating etc. if you add this idea. 4). Have events that give out like 10$ vouchers etc. You aren't gonna go broke doing this like just do em once in awhile because some players are young and don't have credit cards or money to put into a paypal so just showing that you're trying to help those who can't donate really goes a long way in the end. 5). Make more custom places where people can chill and relax. Sitting at arena is boring all day and it's really the only place to hang besides deepholm. Just an idea. 6). A system to rewards players for helping others. Vips run people all the time but in reality there's no benefit to it besides making friends and being nice. I just feel some type of mats reward would be cool for those who run dungeons for others but don't gain nothing but friendship from it. 7). Make prices more player friendly. You only do sales sometimes and that when most people their customs im guessing. Is there any way you could let the people who donate bargain for lower prices? 45$ vs 50$ isn't a huge lose especially with all the donations that go on. 8). Put caps on some stats. If you have like 3mil strength you're op as hell, I just feel it makes pvp a bit unfair when they melee you for double your hp. Especially for resist because if you get just 2k resist vs someone without it it's hard to kill them with spells. Or ban it in pvp or something idk just seems stupid to fight someone with 3mil stamina 100k resist and 3mil strength just for ex. 9). Add more items to the Cp. You sit arena all day for just 1 mat so by just adding maybe other mats to drops or make new quests that deal with cp will making farming the mob less boring. 10). Less restrictive to what gms can do outside of tickets/helping players. Morphing is fun and cool and can bring joy to the arena. Westicas and qN and zzbest use to do it sometimes and that was always fun seeing other cool morphs and etc. Also letting them spawn cool mobs was always fun like the drakes you could walk around on or something that. Gms make the server fun for other's and I just feel that they could just do so much more then do tickets all the time. 11). Just be more lenient I mean a mute for 24 hours for saying how you feel is just wrong. Most people have a right to free speech even on the internet so I don't why it doesn't apply here. I really hope these improvement ideas would be put to effect or thought about because I really want to enjoy this server but it's hard. If not good luck with it and people in the comments if you see any cool improvements add them because a lot of admins/gms are really nice people and might take these changes into consideration but don't fight because no change can be brought through fighting. ^^
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