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  1. Noob

    1. Tuff


      Thank you sir

  2. Tuff

    [Updates] Ice-Eternian Changelog

    Update 04/02/17 You can purchase "Ice Warden's Embroidery" from Swizzle at the Arena. Price is 10 Vote Points.
  3. Tuff

    Eternian VIP 50% off!

    The discount also works for every custom service on eternian (Custom Item Creation etc.) :)
  4. Tuff

    I will be resigning as Staff

    :c I'll miss you as staff
  5. Tuff

    Cant log in

    ^Good noodle Again, do not use your e-mail to login until Project Fire is launched.
  6. Tuff


    Chello don c:
  7. Tuff

    Icecold Banter

  8. Tuff

    Icecold Banter

    Roses are red, Violets are Blue, GTFO already, We all hate you. King Regards
  9. Tuff

    Possible to start from level 1?

    No you can't start with level 1 on this realm.
  10. Tuff

    whats up

    Bruhhh it's this guy....
  11. Tuff

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Chuck :D
  12. Merry Christmas! :D


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