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  1. I have a feeling someone entered the summer holiday and has nothing better to do than spamming a forum. Oh hi there Binkeucleb, totally not talking about you. Stop spamming Ryan.
  2. The amount of cancer you and your clones spread on the forums on the last days is reaching major spamming heights.
  3. Have you thought about using Discord? It's really popular these days.
  4. This will be like a reset for everyone that got their account in more of an unusual way. People don't change their email that often.
  5. Will the gear we have right now have an equivalent over or everyone will have a fresh start?
  6. How's the arena going to work? Respawn on the edges or backspawns?
  7. There are 3 options imo: 1. The server stays dead and nobody will try it out. 2. There a slight chance an amount of 30 people will check it for a month or so and move on after. 3. It'll be a hit and people will start playing Cataclysm again and by the time Ryan and Jordan start racking up donations blizzard will close the server. From what I've seen in the past year and the current one, the idea regarding the private servers is that the expansions after wotlk are faeces and everybody wants to try the old vanilla-tbc experience.
  8. Hey Don. Regarding the server? Nothing. In rest life's good.
  9. I was able to go thru until my character selection screen once on a 4.3.4 client, but after that, it crashed.
  10. Happy Easter and have a wonderful time with your families!
  11. That moment when you realize you could've spent this minute better.
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