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  1. I'm actually quite surprised that you're still on here, not sure if you remember me though
    It's been quite a few years after all

  2. mikk4345


    Hey Guys :D I'm Leaving IceCold for some reasons and its rlly boring and just.. its ruining my life xd i wasted alot of money also waster 10$ for trans to shaman mygawd that was the biggest fault ever.. but right.. im leaving.. making this Topic to say every1 Goodbye :D Byee Every1 Love Y'all :3 i maybe join again but.. dont rlly know if thats gonna happen and also.. dont rlly know when im gonna join again :D Goddbye..
  3. haha Thanks xd some peoples does some peoples doesnt cuz im "emo" >;d
  4. Hello Guys! ;3 with Tiffany ;3 Some peoples asked me for some pictures of me so.. i made this post.. maybe u guys also can post some picture's of yourself :D Here are Some : Hope you are happy ;d
  5. I am 1 of the OLDEST Players :D
  6. i already reinstalled WoW from the launcher 6 times.. nothing is working godamnn.. :S
  7. mikk4345


    Guys.. This is so annoying i cant freaking connect to the server.. im keep getting that godamnn WoW Error #134 I'm already trying 5 days to figure out how to fix it :\ if any1 knows how to fix this godamnn problem please send me a message :S
  8. me too xd it's rlly annoying :S
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