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  1. happy birthday to me and happy valentines to all of my fellow players love ya guys.!! have a good one.
  2. Also another idea i have thought up of is a chest that has rare or legendary rewards of course this chest will not be easy to find and maybe make this said chest able to relocate every time its looted and reward being lump some of mats or maybe a nice weapon or maybe just random something useful though ^_^.
  3. Hello Everyone, I want everyone to post about their NEW idea's for the realm of "Eternian" I can speak for everyone because we care for the server and do not want it to go down we just want the staff to consider our ideas for the server. Okay, so i have a idea that their should be a VIP dungeon because, make it fun for those who support the server aswell as the players who just play. Also many people think it would be a great idea for the realm to add more devastating World Boss so that you need at least 5-10 non vip players with healers to kill the "boss" and not only th
  4. as the Topic says please fix the pets for hunter's because whats the point of being a hunter if you cant even you use your exotic pets that you seek out and hopefully get use their very nice abilities but you cant because i have tried multiple pets thats are very very nice in retail and yet they are lacking their spells. could the team please fix these pets plelase. it would help the hunters out alot in the long run.
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