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What The Players Want. !_! in the realm

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Hello Everyone,


I want everyone to post about their NEW idea's for the realm of "Eternian" 

I can speak for everyone because we care for the server and do not want it to go down we just want the staff to consider


our ideas for the server.


Okay, so i have a idea that their should be a VIP dungeon because, make it fun for those who support the server aswell as the players who just play.


Also many people think it would be a great idea for the realm to add more devastating World Boss so that you need at least 5-10 non vip players with healers to kill the "boss" and not only that so even vip's with really strong characters even need help from others. make it a troublesome boss i think this will be something people want because it would be a challenge and i think making a time limit to kill the boss as in if you can kill the "world boss" in a timely manor you can get a special item? maybe a side quest to obtain something rare. and im not saying the boss resets after the time limit but just make it to where they dont get the special side quest.


Also i think that there should be a dungeon for everyone that is challenging that has weapon quest's drops from bosses inside the dungeon and the mobs in the dungeon drop mats that the weapon quest are able to get making them a high number of mats to need and ofc make the mats hard to obtain but then again make the weapons worth farming for.

also another think i want to say about a already made weapons would be the petty staff upgraded versions i dont see why there is 15k damage on a staff for a caster i think it need more int and spellpower.

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I agree with everything in that was said we do need a new boss so the VIP's of the server don't get bored because all VIP's have at the moment is Death Wing and a mall... I think to keep the players we need a boss like this and also the dungeon to keep players busy. I would also like to add if there is any way to fix the mastery bug for players it's not a huge issue but it would be nice to not have to take off your gear and switch talents then put gear on again. But I love the idea of the VIP dungeon and the boss so we have more activities to do at a server so less people quit because all we do is sit in the arena and talk which can become boring. Thanks

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I think that the main problem in this server is population and there should be some ways to get more players..

some suggestions could be:

1. Add a reward system for players that are most online at the end of each week/months.. The reward could be some materials(Event token,Mg,unbound energy/ stones/weapons part from dungeons)

2. I also think that there is a really big issue on the way people get banned, either permanently/temporarily. This can cause problems with the population.

A ban should be the very last decision.

3. The server lacks of a vote system/currency/something that everyone can use/need and also something that each player would need and will have to vote to obtain it...

-For example, the server has a really good dungeon: Arcatraz which gives really good gears and is fun to do as we need to do it in groups. it will be nice to add a vote item to obtain the gears since it is very easy to get them.. this will help the server as everyone who will farm this gear will have to vote.

-MG which is the actual currency is too easy to get.. why not decrease it in a way that 100K is really hard to get, it will then become a huge currency and that everyone will need since everything needs MG..

the Tmog gears are fun but they would be  more fun if there was a way to farm them and that not everyone can get the same tmogs, could be a fun dungeon( VIP/non VIP) with hard bosses and low chances to obtain them and the Tmogs will be mostly considered as a reward instead of just buying them with easy MG... They could be used in trades too since they would be hard to get


-Another great thing that you guys could do is to nerf the non vip gears.. get smaller stats, since everyone is capped without procs and have alot of stamina, it would make it more fun and harder to play.. and you guys will be able to add more upgrades and it will not be too OP.. 

-Starter quest could be brought to start as most of the new players who come just have to buy gear and go to fantasy jungle to farm..

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-Snip- For post length


Hey, first off I really appreciate the ideas! Here's my input,


VIP Dungeons are something we've always wanted to make, but it wasn't quite our highest priority. We're currently working on projects that are going to be something that both VIPs and Non-VIPs can enjoy. But, once we're done with that, I'll see what we can do about a VIP Dungeon. :)

World Bosses are a great idea, and we've been thinking of ways to spice up world bosses, and any ideas towards how we can improve them are greatly appreciated. We'll write up some ideas for a new world boss and ask some players about it, get everyone's opinion. Feel free to PM me some ideas in the meantime!


As for weapon quests, that's something we could for sure do, but we'd need to make a balance of should I use the Frozen weapons, or should I use the quest weapons? Something we plan on doing with Arcatraz/Ice Warden gear too, making it so there's positives and negatives for each set, making it a decision based on whatever you're doing.


As for the staves having weapon damage, that's not us particularly adding damage to the staff. We give each item and item level, something you might all know from retail, to show if it's an end-game item, or if it's just a random easy to obtain item. When giving a weapon an item level, there's an automatic scaling system that gives it damage. Say for example you make a 1 speed weapon with an item level of 1000, it will automatically have 181k weapon damage. Something we can override in the system, but it won't actually show in-game. But, back to the point, we're working on balancing casters so that they're not completely useless in PvE, but at the same time so they can't just run around and one-shot you in PvP. Something that'll for sure take some time.






-Snip- for post length.


Hey, again thank you so much for the ideas, it really means a lot to me! Here's my input.


Incentives to keep players logging in is something we've thought about multiple times, but after looking into it, we still have quite a few active accounts, the thing is they log in, and log out within about 10 minutes due to lack of content. So, we need things to keep people in-game. We're thinking about adding daily quests they can complete, and then that quest will give them an item with a 24 hour duration, so that they can have a cool item for a whole day, but we'd need some ideas on what those items could be. Feel free to PM me some!


The way we've been handling bans lately can for sure be something we work on. But, a lot of the permanent bans we've handed out lately are for things such as fly-hacking, or advertising other servers. Something we don't quite want around at all. We've even been discussing allowing those bans to not be permanent, so players can learn from their mistakes and move on. Recently we tried that, and the player immediately logged back in on another account and started at it again. Hasn't quite been working out for us. I see where you're coming from, it's killing our population, but the players aren't really wanting to stay around in the first place. :(


As for voting, we were thinking of the daily incentive we talked about also requiring voting, but giving a really big reward. Again, something that'll take some trial and error, but I'll try to get on the top of our list.


Magic Gold... Oh so much Magic Gold... Sean and I recently talked about changing the magic gold up, making it have a real meaning so that we have a currency we can use on Eternian. It's something we do plan on doing (and wiping all current magic gold, whether it be the item or the currency). But, we're going to do it once we've finished revamping all of the instances. 100% something that'll be done soon. :D

With non-VIP gear, and even VIP gear, people are indeed capping on haste waaay to easily. Sean and I have talked about this so many times I can't even count it. We plan on revamping all of the gear once we revamp the instances. Eternian is getting a lot of revamps, but it'll take a while seeing as our staff team is quite small, and our population is even smaller. 


Starter quests, daily quests, even just random quests. All things I really want to add so that players have a reason to go back into instances even after they've obtained their Ice Warden sets, and to give more ways to gather mats to upgrade your gear. Really good idea. :)

Thank you all so much for your ideas, it means a lot to me. Seeing that the players want to keep the server alive just as I do. Feel free to PM me any ideas you have, most of you guys even have my Skype (If you don't, it's really hard to guess. Kappa), feel free to message me there too. :D

Sorry for the long post, and if I missed anything I'll reply to it as soon as I get a chance.

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I also think that the non Vip gear may be a little to over powered because if a non vip can beat me sometimes and I'm VIP 5 with custom weapons that's sad. I understand the work you need to put into getting the gear but if you pay you should be better by a lot more in my opinion because I mean you are VIP

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I also think that the non Vip gear may be a little to over powered because if a non vip can beat me sometimes and I'm VIP 5 with custom weapons that's sad. I understand the work you need to put into getting the gear but if you pay you should be better by a lot more in my opinion because I mean you are VIP

Then you're just bad.

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I also think that the non Vip gear may be a little to over powered because if a non vip can beat me sometimes and I'm VIP 5 with custom weapons that's sad. I understand the work you need to put into getting the gear but if you pay you should be better by a lot more in my opinion because I mean you are VIP

If vips would have the giant advantage you want how do you think normal players would feel? Buying vip here is just a way of spending less time gearing.

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well there should be a gap between VIP& Non VIP, and the admins for sure should be working on it. 

*Just some of my thoughts*

They must probably consider the stats Donors are paying for and how much efforts it requires to be obtained in-game.. Considering : Stats like Mastery, "HASTE" etcc,..

Just an example

A basic 3600 haste tabard cost 30$ and the in-game tabby  [Embroidered Ice Warden's Brawling Tabard XV] which can be farmed within a week gives 14000 AP , 480 more haste, one socket as well as 7K stamina...


There's also Meta sockets [Great impact on PVP/PVE]  which is 1 for 5$ and it's availability ingame( which is pretty easily available considering arca/offsets and IW)... 


The IW gear is pretty good and I saw that it gives 10K ap/sp on it's last upgrade whereas a VIP 7(Which is only available through donation) only gets 6500.. little details that could be adjusted.. as a vip 7 I don't have any gear that gives me that much AP( besides bags/shirt which are available in-game)



But we all know that the admins/owners are working hard to fix them and It will require time..  I would like to thank them for their work.


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Also another idea i have thought up of is a chest that has rare or legendary rewards of course this chest will not be easy to find and maybe make this said chest able to relocate every time its looted and reward being lump some of mats or maybe a nice weapon or maybe just random something useful though ^_^. 

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I have an idea of letting the old version to be able to get the old fun Items because when I traveled to buy an old Item that could make me smaller or look like a ghost it wouldn't let me. This doesn't make and sense me because I'm the server reaper you can do exactly what I am saying so we should be able to go to other vendors and buy old items that make it feel more like the game again!!! Some items that some might desire that will give you an idea of what to get are Noggenfogger Elixir and Kalytha's Haunted Locket. Thanks for reading!

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