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  1. Okay, thanks. Do you know how long it will usually last or...?
  2. Yesterday, both the realms shut down and I'm wondering why. If you know, please comment below or try to explain what is going on, thanks.
  3. I have an idea of letting the old version to be able to get the old fun Items because when I traveled to buy an old Item that could make me smaller or look like a ghost it wouldn't let me. This doesn't make and sense me because I'm the server reaper you can do exactly what I am saying so we should be able to go to other vendors and buy old items that make it feel more like the game again!!! Some items that some might desire that will give you an idea of what to get are Noggenfogger Elixir and Kalytha's Haunted Locket. Thanks for reading!
  4. Suggesting you might want to nerf the non VIP gear or upgrade the VIP gear that's all
  5. I also think that the non Vip gear may be a little to over powered because if a non vip can beat me sometimes and I'm VIP 5 with custom weapons that's sad. I understand the work you need to put into getting the gear but if you pay you should be better by a lot more in my opinion because I mean you are VIP
  6. I agree with everything in that was said we do need a new boss so the VIP's of the server don't get bored because all VIP's have at the moment is Death Wing and a mall... I think to keep the players we need a boss like this and also the dungeon to keep players busy. I would also like to add if there is any way to fix the mastery bug for players it's not a huge issue but it would be nice to not have to take off your gear and switch talents then put gear on again. But I love the idea of the VIP dungeon and the boss so we have more activities to do at a server so less people quit because all we d
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