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  1. There is a format to report spells or talents :P
  2. Oh he means that , thanks ^_^
  3. Many t-mog sets can be found in http://www.wow-head.com to add them to the xmog vendor aswell.
  4. I agree with all the suggestions , Add a feature to increase profession skills with vote points / MG. If the eternion owners were able to make this , why not eternian. People always tell me they want dayli quests too , great idea. More voting Items will increase the votes for the Ice Cold Eternian server. Battlegrounds would be awesome
  5. I though all vip sets had the same stats for all classes lol.
  6. Yeah we completely changed the topic xD sorry :p
  7. Agreed , probably some other useless things there too :p
  8. So should I fix something or it was a Zoom problem? xD
  9. In the case they added more farmable bags , probably it wouldn't have haste because it would make it more easy to cap :(
  10. In the case they added more farmable bags I'm sure they wouldn't add haste to it because it would make it more easy to cap :S
  11. I'm sure that won't happen but sometimes I want to do that , but it isn't that hard to farm fine irons , good luck :)
  12. TOU already have more mobs , BUT the idea of daily quests is very good +1 :)
  13. Warriors are able to have 2x Two-Handed weapons , even if they are not Full Talents , getting them it's harder because the 2 handed weapons are more OP than the 1 handed ones , so it's worth farming them even if it costs more :p
  14. It's true the drop chances count too xD
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