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  1. maxer2441

    Druid Class Revamp?

    I've tested druids, in and out, and I feel like something has to change? I have a good suggestion to bring them back to life and that would be by making Bleeds work with haste, just like caster DoTs. That would make druids actually very enjoyable to play, and a bit more viable.
  2. maxer2441

    Bored and Forever alone. RIP

  3. Thumbs up if you <3 skateboarding >:)

  4. maxer2441

    Awesome priest for sale!

    OR selling vip3 for 20$ and the vip7 staff for 25$.
  5. maxer2441

    Awesome priest for sale!

    Selling the actual priest for 45$, Look him up, Malevolance
  6. maxer2441

    Awesome priest for sale!

    Hey guys, I'm selling my vip3 for 25$ and my vip7 staff for 25$. Message me on forums on ingame, on Toxicologist if I'm on!! :D
  7. maxer2441

    server down?

    We're allowed to make threads about w/e we want, Don't tell us we're not allowed, I don't see a rule saying we can't make threads about something.
  8. maxer2441

    No clue whats up :S

    Wait are they down again?
  9. maxer2441

    No clue whats up :S

    Ight thanks hehe
  10. maxer2441

    No clue whats up :S

    Forget about it, I though it was only me but everyone else is, apparently.
  11. maxer2441

    No clue whats up :S

    So I was playing icecold yesterday...and well Today I get stuck on Connecting, for both realms, its not my internet connection cause I can go on some lame 3.3.5 servers to test it, or either go on internet like youtube and faeces, I tried reinstalling the thing with the Icecold launcher, still does it. Whoever's good with computers and faeces hit me up cause I'm clueless about this one. Thanks a lot, Max
  12. maxer2441

    WoWScrnShot 081114 002112

    2 Badass Riders, #YOLO #SEAN #MAX PCE OUT!
  13. maxer2441

    WotLK realm on IceCold? (3.3.5)

    Keep updating and making Cata realms better, that's my suggestion. I don't think Cata realms are close to being complete and I think working 100% on Cata realms could make them better. Starting a 3.3.5 server would make you guys start forgetting about your Cata realms and its just gonna end up never getting updated.
  14. maxer2441

    Selling my Warrior.

    Anyway, Mom, I'm old enough to say what I want. Tyvm. I wish you wont reply to this. Cause if you do, you're pretty damn sad.
  15. maxer2441

    Selling my Warrior.

    Its not false information lol, I can litteraly slap vip7s with it...You just gotta play it right.

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