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  1. vbyo


    dont know but hello regardless ;p
  2. Banana's are expensive :<
  3. ^ Made Absolutely no sense
  4. Basically what he said, on average you can get a piece a day if you are dedicated enough, that in itself is not hard, a week or two of farming with dedication and you could have a full set. While the other pieces are 3+ a day with no real challenge to them at all. Aren't meant to just hand out gear, specially like the above poster said, the last farming tier of a set which is on par with the 4300 honor pieces "which take a lot longer" or the voter gear which is longer also.
  5. vbyo

    SoulSoap R.I.P

    You didn't have to tell us she was in 2 pieces.
  6. This thread needs to be cleaned up a little ..
  7. What did he say that was offensive?
  8. vbyo


    Step aside please ladies and gentlemen, behind the yellow line this is just another account to give likes.
  9. You look like one of the twins from angry boys puffin. h3h3
  10. If you are going to report someone puffin make sure they don't have the same dirt on you.
  11. While I agree, this is a really good idea, if we were to do this it would not be on a 4.0.6 core, because that has nothing to offer. It would have to be done on the 4.3 just like in wotlk the 3.3.5. but good post era hope ryan looks at it.
  12. vbyo

    Anime Thread

    Looks like ive got alot to watch when my net is not capped, lol thanks for the links again bro.
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