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  1. Every time I try to login to Ice-Hyjal it tells me that I need to verify my account and change my password, I do the following requirements it has asked from me and continues to say the same thing. =/
  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas.
  3. I wanna be camped, pick me.
  4. Nah Marriage wasn't my callin' I'm a lone wolf.
  5. Nah breh you're just the biggest disappointment.
  6. Yeah, true! #SheHulk #TheRealSlimShady
  7. We all know I am the most hated and notorious player on IceCold.
  8. If you ain't first you're last.
  9. The only thing I read from this is "You're amazing, I wanna marry you and have your kids"
  10. Who am I speaking to? I swear if you're another damn bill collector, I'VE PAID MY BILLS. Anywho, who you is?
  11. Listen, I never left. I just lurk in the shadowy forest of IceCold in which food is at a minimum, water is undrinkable and life is unbearable. Basically, I've lived in someone's basement for 3 years.
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