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Content Update July 14 2014


Recent changes and/or updates related with content.

  • Menacing Crystal of Nightbane added. This is the relic equivalent of the FotB. The armory doesn't say this but only Paladin, Death Knight, Shaman and Druid can equip it.
  • Longstaff of the Ancient Spellweaver changed to a dagger.
  • The $100 - $250 weapons were changed a little to scale appropriately with the amount of stats they give. ex. 2 $100 weapons gave more strength than SoaTT.
  • VIP 5 mace and axe display changed to a more fitting one.
  • The Brink of Destruction Longstaff (lower stat one) changed to Off-hand.
  • The gold bars from the exchange vendor now stack up much more up to 214,700 gold. To know the exact amount check this.
  • A Fluorescent Pearl was added to the exchange vendor. It costs and sells for 214k gold, no other use for it right now but it may have one in the future.
  • The Ice God weapons are sellable back for 1/10th of the icegold used to buy it.
  • Fist of the Deity added to one-hand sword and dagger transmog.

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