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  1. The title say's it all. I am leaving the server. I had a amazing time on the server, loved the people even loved the farming. Me leaving is not the fault of the staff it's my own decision. I wish you all goodluck with the years to come grind those dungeons ! get tht gear u alway's wanted and never give up :) /farewell elegolass/whizz
  2. yo fran fran ele here :) u coming back ? then ill come back aswell :p
  3. i Wish i could :p once i get back ill camp ya'll :p
  4. Same here i can kill max 3 mobs @ the time then i run out of mana.
  5. U will never beat Ryan lol on 24/7 invis :p
  6. Since im back next week ill volunteer for death knight ; paladin and shaman. :)
  7. justname


    oh MA GOD 2 Dark lords and no harry to protect us ;0 Wth are we gonne do ;( NOOO
  8. Old eternian before they merged with icecold-wow ;) the good old day's ^^
  9. well last thing ima say about this. (and then plz close the topic). I just wanted something like resistance for melee attacks. Ofc casters are weaker in melee combat lol but tht's not wth i ment .. Casters are weak in everything lol cuz u just get resist and people do 0 dmg cuz they can absorb 200-500-1b. But u cannot absorb melee dmg cuz armor and resil wont work or are capped low. I like the idea of sean capp wep dmg and remove the 3% crit meta's (or make some for caster's). And i would like to add (Capp resist and penne as u cappd resil and armor) Ty for ur time people
  10. Oke I understand ill just go rogue with 10m agi and 999k weps then :3 to bad I kinda liked casters. Or druid how are druids atm? :3
  11. But I do understand how u see it james.
  12. mozart beethoven Bach vivaldi Real version and metal version cuz I play piano and guitar And oh well I kinda listen to every music genre but lately im focusing on linken park skillet dragon force and nightwish.
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