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  2. Rastafarianos1

    is eternian dead?

    Alo <3
  3. Rastafarianos1

    No life...

    I can, if I want to.
  4. Rastafarianos1

    No life...

    Is there anything else to do...?
  5. Rastafarianos1

    No life...

    Just noticed how insane I am... http://prntscr.com/7whebn
  6. Rastafarianos1

    Mega Suggestions

    All these suggestions are kind of difficult to be done, hope there's willingness on the Dev team... But, I also think that the pvp experience will be improved and why not we could attract people to play (:
  7. Rastafarianos1

    Mega Suggestions

    I cannot disagree. Maybe new gems or something...
  8. Rastafarianos1

    Mega Suggestions

    Something should be added so that we could spend our honor points. Let's say a pvp gear set or bags with upgrading materials and etc..
  9. Rastafarianos1

    Discussion about Ice Warden gear.

    You are clearly out of the discussion, what's your problem about my donations? I have full non vip gear too...Indeed Shadowsbane Caster's dots are high but that's the point of stamina buffing... I think Arca gear is balanced, and Dev/Admin team did very well.
  10. Rastafarianos1

    Discussion about Ice Warden gear.

    I would say that arca gear is perfect atm... In my opinion, some mastery should be added on IW IX / X so (pref. is 300 cause arca has 250) Then the differences will be less...
  11. Rastafarianos1

    Looking Sell Signature!!

    Looks nice thank you
  12. Rastafarianos1

    Mega Suggestions

    I think that the dungeons for IW IX and IW X should be released soon. There are many guys who have farmed full IW VIII and there's nothing for them to do next...
  13. Rastafarianos1

    Mithradir Racism+dr

    This guy again?. It is the third time that I see him here. I feel bad for you, bro. :mad:
  14. Rastafarianos1


    Something must be done with this situation...I hope the GM team will deal with this...
  15. Rastafarianos1


    Report A Player Format Player's Name : Mythradi Rules Broken : 5. Disrespecting and swearing offensively at other players is forbidden. Punishment is a mute or suspension. 6. Racism of any kind is forbidden. There is severe punishments for racist comments. What Happened : I was chilling in Arena with friends and Mythradi started talking s^it about Greece and Greek people. I think that this is not appropriate and there should be a punishment for such behaviors. I hope you guys do your job... Screenshots : (Required) http://prntscr.com/5qsjyq http://prntscr.com/5qsmtl http://prntscr.com/5qta0a http://prntscr.com/5qsn6k

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