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  1. datKaspah

    4.3.4 Transmogrification Request

    Hey guys! I have a transmog request :) http://www.wowhead.com/item=71420/cracked-obsidian-stompers Thanks!
  2. datKaspah

    PvP Tournament

    uhmm signed up??
  3. datKaspah


    Is this what you do, when I'm not online? What the hell, Andrew.
  4. datKaspah

    Plans for Eternian

    Sounds good tent! I like the new zone idea:)
  5. datKaspah

    Utgarde Keep Feedback (not bugs though)

    Edit: Vrykul Forge-Tender stomps in the ground way too often. Almost to a point where you have no chance to heal etc. Royal Guards fireball, does an insane amount of damage, to a point that you die from getting hit 3 times. Which makes it impossible to kill them all, unless you are a priest probably.
  6. datKaspah

    Reaper -> Hyjal transfers now open

    This should be done for free, for people with old characters..
  7. datKaspah

    Any questions about PF?

    What's the gear differences?
  8. datKaspah

    Post a picture of yourself ! Official Thread.

    Beautiful family you got there. - much love, Uranus.
  9. datKaspah

    WoWScrnShot 072215 153657


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