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Plans for Eternian


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  • IceCold Admins

Ok guys so we've been slow on getting content released, but here's what we have planned. 

1. Replace some IW dungeons, I want to replace FJ, BWL and BRD, maybe more if people want other dungeons replaced.

2. Revamp Arcatraz. We were thinking we could use Bastion of Twilight.

3. A new zone. I was thinking Isle of Quel'Danas with a revamped Magisters' Terrace and Sunwell Plateau as the final raid for that area. This could change, so don't get too excited if you like this area.

4. ???

If there is anything new you want to see, please post it here. I look at this every day, although sometimes I don't have the time to reply right away.

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