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4.3.4 Transmogrification Request

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The old transmog request post was pretty old and outdated. This will be the new one so we can keep track of new items being added to the vendor. 

You can go to wowhead to get the item id for the item you want added. We can only add items up to patch 4.3.4


ItemID: This is the entry of the item, you can find it by looking at the item url on wowhead

Slot: Helm, shoulders, weapon, etc

Type: 1hSword, 2hSword, Plate, Cloth, etc

Wowhead link: if the item is part of a set, link the item set so we can add everything


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Rogue S11 - Elite Version

Set ID: 437


Head: 73680

Shoulders: 73678

Chest: 73682

Gloves: 73681

Legs: 73679


Fitting Off-Set Items.

Boots: 73684

Belt: 73602


If wanted I can search out every S11 Elite Sets, just let me know and don't Forget to Comment, Rate and Subscribe .. what..

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So It's about warlock set  Season 7


Set ID should be = 227

The ID of the single items from the set in case it's not correct







Maybe to add the waist to fit in

--> 51327


Would be nice to add :)


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On 11/3/2017 at 11:08 PM, xxsapedxx said:


7 hours ago, Calderan said:


On 10/31/2017 at 12:40 PM, xxsapedxx said:

Set request 
Leather set to be turned into plate :D

Helm - 28732

Shoulders - 28755

Chest - 30101

Gloves - 28506

Legs - 28741 

Belt - 28828

Boots - 28545

We can't change item types, sorry. Necrotic Boneplate will be added soon.

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