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  1. Supposed to sell head/shoulder/chest/bracer/glove enchants & glyph's.
  2. Very unlikely that the team will "take a step back" and go back to an earlier update.
  3. Set request http://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=449/obsidian-arborweave-vestments-normal-lookalike Thanks ❤️
  4. UberStabX

    Event fun!!!

    Great event! Can't wait to do more!
  5. Sign me up Scotty! No, I joke. But seriously guys get signed up to this! $100! For free!
  6. This is exactly what we do!
  7. UberStabX

    Boredom Online

    So... We were a little bored today, and decided to make pretty pictures.
  8. From the album: Boredom Online

    So, spent a little bit of time making pretty pictures with Havn.
  9. Hello everyone, Due to the slight increase in population over the last few days, I am offering a free gear giveaway in-game on our Hyjal server! I've got hundreds of Stratholme items just sat in my bank waiting to be posted to you! Either comment on this post with your name & class (I'll aim to send 5x pieces to each person) or send me a mail in game to my character Vaerliam. Happy Hunting! Andrew.
  10. We are aiming to really improve the whole help system on this server. New players can really be in the dark for some of the stuff on IceCold, and it would be great for everyone if there was a place where almost all "how do I" questions were answered. We have set up a new category in the "Help & Support" forum. It is called "Guides/Tutorials" and it is where you can write and post guides on anything related to IceCold. It will really help new players, and the best guides will be put on the official help page!! ( Before writing one, make sure it's not already in http://www.ic
  11. Another option is to try right clicking and running it as admin/owner of PC. Sometimes forces things like that to run. Once it runs the first time you should be fine.
  12. Error #134 Error #134 is usually caused by a corrupted file. However, we have also seen this error message being caused by hard drive issues such as bad sectors or due to bad/mismatched RAM. To address this issue, try each of the solutions below. Step 1 - Remove and Repair In the example above, the file expansion3-speech-enUS.MPQ appears to be the source of the corruption. Find and delete this file. These files can generally be found in your World of Warcraft\Data or World of Warcraft\Data\enUS directory. Note: Do not delete the entire enUS folder, doing so may require you to reinstall t
  13. I'm here to give these links to anyone in need of them. These links can be used as shortcuts to other helpful threads or parts of the site. If you see I'm missing any locations that you found helpful, please add them. Voting:http://www.icecold-wow.com/armory/gamepanel/vote Voting Guide (For the first two):http://prntscr.com/1sngcr Report Format:http://www.icecold-wow.com/forum/9-report-playergm/ (Format at the top) Ban Appeal Format:http://www.icecold-wow.com/forum/35-ban-appeals/ (Format at the top) Error Fixes:http://www.icecold-wow
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